Sanpaolo IMI Archive: Correspondent Banking as at 31.12.2006

Correspondent Banking manages the relationships and cooperation agreements between Sanpaolo IMI and financial institutions worldwide, with the main objective to support the international activities of its clients.

With the support of an established network of approximately 3,000 correspondent banks, Sanpaolo IMI is committed to providing the most effective answer to the needs of its customers in terms of cross-border trade finance, advisory services and commercial risk coverage solutions, anywhere in the world.
Thanks to a longstanding commitment to efficiency and to the continuous enhancement of its platforms and processes, Sanpaolo IMI is a leader among the Euro clearing banks and offers highly competitive services in global trading and brokerage as well as clearing and custody. Moreover, the Group has achieved a significant role in the bank loan syndication market and has a strong track record in Investment Banking for Financial Institutions.

Correspondent Banking interfaces the Sanpaolo IMI Group and the International Banking Community in a "client driven" model. We believe in joining complementary strengths to find value enhancing solutions. The Relationship Managers, specialised in mature and emerging markets strive to:

  • establish and enhance commercial relationships with financial institutions worldwide;
  • co-ordinate the offering of competitive products and services developed by our product specialist units for financial institutions;
  • manage the acquisition of products and services from our partner banks;
  • handle credit facilities and trade finance products. 


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