Join Intesa Sanpaolo Agents4You becoming an Agent

Working in the commercial sector means investing in one's interpersonal skills, on the ability to listen to and manage customer needs and on the ability to expand one's network.

In Intesa Sanpaolo we have studied a professional path specifically for for those who want a career as an agent.

In Intesa Sanpaolo Agents4You we are looking for people between 18 and 30 years old for the role of Junior Agent and people with experience in the sector for the role of Senior Agent.

For us, ideal people have a strong motivation towards the insurance and financial world and are interested in pursuing a career path in the role of Agent within a dynamic and expanding reality.

People we are looking for

Junior Agent

Dedicated to those who are at the beginning of their career and want professional growth in the commercial world.

Senior Agent

Dedicated to those who have already experience and want to contribute on business development in a young, dynamic and expanding company.

Intesa Sanpaolo Agents4You

Intesa Sanpaolo Agents4You is a new agency network, 100% controlled by Intesa Sanpaolo.

Its mission is to represent the center dedicated to the promotion and offer of financing products, payment services and insurance products.

There is a network of agents able to operate off-site thanks to digital tools and channels made available by the Company.

This opportunity will allow you to experience the profession of agent with VAT number, benefiting the support of the first Italian banking group.

In this role you will be able to test your ability to manage the current and potential customer, offering bank and insurance products.

Why now

If you have just earned your 5 years diploma or degree and you’re looking for a new training and professionalizing career path, here is what Intesa Sanpaolo Agents4You offers you:


Achieving objectives by independently managing one's time and activities

Group support

A brand recognized by customers

Young and dinamic agency

Having digital tools to carry out one's work off-site

Training contents

Specialized training designed for your professional development


Support of a Team Leader to learn and improve


Opportunity open throughout Italy


In Intesa Sanpaolo Agents4You we have studied a real training course to help new agents to have a complete training in both labor law and methodological and commercial type.

Initially, through the Master X Agent - training academy, you will participate in a training week in which we will prepare you for the profession thanks to some basic knowledge.

Subsequently, through our platform dedicated to the training, you will be able to develop further skills and knowledge on different topics proposed and designed ad hoc for your professional growth.

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