International Talent Program

This is one of our most important internal initiatives, designed to develop skills, promote a culture of meritocracy and strengthen your sense of belonging. Targeted at all group employees in the professional and middle management categories, the programme offers personalised streams lasting three to five years and incorporating experiences in different roles, departments and countries, within a context of constantly evolving market conditions.
Launched in 2017, there are currently over 100 colleagues in the programme. In line with the 2018-2021 Business Plan, this number should rise above 500.

Key points of the programme

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The training programmes are designed to promote an ongoing exchange between different parts of the business and governance structure. All colleagues who participate in the programme receive specialist, managerial training and produce project work which is closely linked to the various business areas of the Group. There are also international training events/experiences.



The programme offers international experiences lasting at least one year in one of the group’s divisions. There is also specialist, managerial training provided in English. Each participant is subject to a sponsorship programme lasting for the entire process, with the direct involvement of a senior manager in the group.

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The training programmes are personalised based on the profile, outlook and experience of the participants.

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