International experiences, growth paths beyond Italy, knowledge of foreign work contexts and immersion in different cultural environments. Intesa Sanpaolo is the Italian company for those who dream about working abroad. Thanks to a widespread global network, we offer international experiences aimed at both those who want to join the Group and those who are already colleagues.

IMI Corporate & Investment Banking: one of the Group's international Divisions

The Division of the Group that manages relationship at a domestic and international level with medium and large companies, public administrations and financial institutions, to help them satisfy their financial markets issues. In this Division you would have the opportunity to work in a team with professionals around the world, to help Italian and foreign corporate companies in their growth path.

International Next Program

With the International Next program of the IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division you have the opportunity to work abroad within a big Group.

This ambitious program foresees the strengthening of the international network thanks to an organizational model centered on the geographical proximity of consultancy and relationships. With I-Next we want to invest in professionals able to support customers anywhere in the world.

By participating in this program, you will be able to seize an opportunity for professional growth with one or more stops abroad, in the Network's structures around the world.

People we are looking for

All the vacancies dedicated to the International Next program are aimed at Junior and Senior profiles:


Management of relationships with corporate customers and Financial Institutions

Product specialists

In the area of Global Transaction Banking, Global Markets, IB&FS, SEF ...


For managerial open positions

International Talent Program

The Program is one of the most important initiatives that we promote internally to enhance skills, foster a merit-based culture and strengthen the spirit of belonging.
Aimed at colleagues from all over the Group with professional and middle management profiles, the program provides personalized paths of 3-5 years, characterized by cross-functional, interdivisional and international experiences, in constantly evolving market contexts.
Born in 2017, the project currently involves more than 100 colleagues in multiple editions; according to the 2018-2021 Business Plan it will reach over 500.

Key aspects of the program

Corso formativo


Learning paths are designed to create a continuous exchange between business and governance positions. All the people participating in the program are involved in specialist and managerial training, and project work strongly connected to the various businesses of the Group and in international experiential training 

Business man


The program offers a variety of international experiences lasting at least one year to be carried out in the various Group structures and specialist and managerial training in English. For each participant - throughout the course - there is a sponsorship program with the direct involvement of the Group's senior managers.


Learning paths are customized on the basis of the profile, attitudes of the participants and previous experiences.

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