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A daily commitment

In December 2018, Intesa Sanpaolo launched the new Diversity and Inclusion department. The aim of the department is to promote a culture of inclusion, encourage respect for diversity and nurture an awareness of the value of diversity by making the most of the multi-cultural nature, experiences and characteristics of the people at our Group.

Protected group

We have a number of positions open for protected group If you want to put yourself out there and grow in a large group, find the position that’s right for you and apply now!

The Disability Management team

It is an interfunctional work group with over 50 collaborators and coordinated by the Welfare Function. Point of reference for all issues related to the world of disability and illness in the company, was born in August 2018. Among its objectives: to promote the culture of inclusion, initiate awareness campaigns and training, enhance skills, merits and attitudes of colleagues with disability and ensure inclusion regardless of limiting factors. It also carries out the task of enriching the welfare instruments with ad hoc solutions, based on proposals and priorities shared with the Group's trade unions.

The activated projects

In Intesa Sanpaolo we have developed a series of initiatives that represent a real support and social network for all colleagues who belong to the protected categories and an opportunity for exchange and professional growth for all of us. Some examples of initiatives we have carried out:

  • At the Milan office, Nuvole di Solidarietà is active, a group of collaborators who, on a voluntary basis, daily support a person with mobility difficulties in the access to work and exit phases.
  • A four-legged colleague operates in the Turin office: Emma is a trained assistance dog to accompany a person in a wheelchair into the office and facilitate it in their daily activities such as collecting objects, opening and closing doors, sending them a feeling of greater security.

Our initiatives

Initiatives for blind or visually impaired people

Blind and visually impaired colleagues have a technological platform dedicated to supporting their activities, which allows them to independently access e-mail, surf the web and use office automation products.

Internship for people with Down syndrome

Four courses were provided both in the classroom and remotely, in which 32 collaborators took part for more than 730 hours delivered, to meet the training needs that emerged following an analysis of the requests of colleagues with disabilities and training initiatives to raise awareness of all colleagues on the topic of inclusion, to counter possible prejudices, conflicts and marginalization.


Intesa Sanpaolo has always made a constant commitment to making the Bank increasingly accessible both in terms of spaces / places such as branches (physical accessibility for people with disabilities has been guaranteed in most of our agencies), and in terms of digital (mobile app…) and physical (eg ATM) applications that can be used by customers / colleagues with disabilities.

Intesa Sanpaolo has also activated a collaboration with the LIA Foundation (Accessible Italian Books) which has been working for years with the Italian Publishers Association and with the Italian Blind and Visually Impaired Union to expand the accessibility of its documents published both on the internet and on the company Intranet. .

Our achievements

Dyslexia Friendly Company Award

We’re the first bank in Italy to be awarded Dyslexia Friendly Company certification.


Intesa Sanpaolo has subscribed to Women's Empowerment Principles, promoted by the United Nations Organization.


We were one of only three Italian companies included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index 2018 (GEI).

LGBT+ Inclusion

Intesa Sanpaolo has joined Parks – Liberi e Uguali

Starting from 2020, Intesa Sanpaolo has joined “Parks - Liberi e Uguali”, an association that, working closely with its network of companies, aims to foster the dialogue about diversity management, with a particular focus on LGBT+  and gender identity in the workplace.

With this collaboration, Intesa Sanpaolo aims to take action towards a positive cultural change for the entire population of the Group, as well as becoming a reference towards society, promoting the inclusion and respect of all LGBT + people.

Incontro generazionale ed interculturale

Incontro intergenerazionale

In Intesa Sanpaolo coesistono quattro differenti generazioni, con differenti bisogni, valori, culture ed approcci alla dimensione lavorativa. Nel 2019 è stato avviato un cantiere di lavoro per lo studio del tema dell’age management, con l’obiettivo progettare e iniziative per la collaborazione, la coesistenza e lo scambio fra le generazioni che costituiscono la popolazione del Gruppo.


Intesa Sanpaolo è consapevole del suo ruolo di Azienda di riferimento nel contesto nazionale ed internazionale e si impegna a promuovere i valori della multiculturalità. Nel 2019 sono state lanciate iniziative di group coaching interculturale ed aule remote per generare consapevolezza sulla multiculturalità. Obiettivo di tali iniziative è agevolare l’incontro delle diverse culture che coesistono all’interno del Gruppo, per generare un impatto positivo tanto all’interno dell’azienda, quanto all’esterno.

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