Z-lab, giving young people direction

Z-Lab is Intesa Sanpaolo’s strategic response in the fight against drop-out rates and educational failings of students, and is aimed at combatting disadvantages faced by young people by promoting clear directions, employability, social inclusion and intercultural dialogue.


Z-Lab offers courses and learning spaces designed to encourage young people to study and to help develop their cross-cutting skills, enabling them to experience and understand themselves, there individual needs and attitudes, and the real world that surrounds them.
It is an educational training programme that:

  • - invests in the overall growth of the student, focussing on their potential and needs
  • - develops and strengthens specific technical and transferable skills that are beneficial in a working world that requires regular changes and the ability to adapt to new conditions
  • - lasts 3 years, taking place entirely in corporate environments, and, at the very end, provides a clear sense of what school-business integration can inspire: the drive and entrepreneurial skills needed to put ideas into action.