Over the years, the Charity Fund has supported many projects both in Italy and abroad. Here follow some examples of projects which we funded.

Project Malawi

Logo Project Malawi

Project Malawi is an international cooperative project carried out from 2005 to 2014 by Intesa Sanpaolo and the Fondazione Cariplo foundation. The main scope of the initiative was to combat the AIDS epidemic in Malawi, primarily by focusing on the prevention of virus transmission from mother to child and supplementing healthcare with targeted measures aimed at limiting the impact of the disease and helping to relaunch the country’s economy. Project Malawi was based on collaboration between NGOs working in the country and the local government; each partner (Community of Sant'Egidio, Save the Children, the Malawi Scouting Association and CISP - International Committee for the Development of People) brought its own specific expertise - health and nutrition, aid for orphans, prevention, local development - within an integrated programme. The project took place over three three-year phases: the pilot stage in the district of Blantyre (2005-2008); expansion to Lilongwe and Balaka (2008-2011); consolidation of the initiative with the establishment of a local Malawi coordinating body (2011-2014).

The specifics

By the end of the project:

  • 4 molecular biology laboratories and 9 health centres were set up and operational;
  • over 7600 healthy babies were born to HIV-positive mothers;
  • over 8500 HIV-positive pregnant women were referred to a vertical prevention programme;
  • over 24,700 patients started antiretroviral therapy;
  • over 750,000 medical examinations and more than 325,000 laboratory tests were carried out;
  • 70 day centres were opened or upgraded, hosting around 18,600 children aged between 3 and 6. Medical checks were carried out at the centres on over 22,300 children;
  • Guides and Scouts from 158 schools visited 44,600 youngsters to provide information about sex education and the risk of HIV virus transmission;
  • informal savings and credit groups were set up, with 4000 beneficiaries, and income-generating activities were set up, involving approximately 2900 families.
Centro sanitario

A hospitality day

Logo OSF Mensa Poveri

The Opera San Francesco per i Poveri Capuchin monks of Milan offer local people free initial hospitality, shelter and assistance indiscriminately and on an ongoing basis.
Through its Charity Fund, Intesa Sanpaolo supported the 2015 project "A hospitality day", which entailed the distribution of hot meals and clothes, and the provision of personal hygiene facilities for homeless people, socially marginalised individuals and those in extreme poverty, for Italians and immigrants alike. Specifically, each beneficiary can enjoy two meals a day, a shower once a week with clean underwear and a monthly change of clothes. As well as meeting individuals' primary needs, the project promotes the restoration of a sense of dignity for the person and social reintegration.

The specifics

By the end of the project:

  • 1650 needy and socially vulnerable people benefitted from a day of shelter.

Together To Go Foundation – TOG

Logo TOG

The TOG Foundation deals with the rehabilitation of children affected by complex neurological illnesses, in a medical centre in Milan which offers individual and personalised therapies. The children cared for at the TOG Centre have nervous system injuries which are either hereditary or which developed when in the uterus or as a result of neonatal trauma. These children suffer from motor, cognitive, behavioural and communication difficulties. After diagnosis, they require highly complex rehabilitation that must be able to address the wide variety of problems that their particular condition presents. Furthermore, to change the children’s lives for the better, the rehabilitation must be carried out in a timely fashion so they do not miss out on the biological stages of development, and be appropriate in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

The specifics

The project that Intesa Sanpaolo supported for 3 years (2014-2016), through its Charity Fund, involved caring for children affected by complex neurological injuries and undergoing different forms of treatment (physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychomotor education, music therapy and neurocognitive rehabilitation) depending on their particular issue.

By the end of the project:

  • 15 children with complex neurological conditions were cared for (free of charge) in a rehabilitation programme over the course of 3 years.
Reparto TOG

Right to schooling, right to a future

Logo Sant'Egidio

The Community of Sant’Egidio is a lay movement that carries out charitable work in Italy and over 70 countries worldwide.
In Naples in 2015, Intesa Sanpaolo supported the project "Right to schooling, right to a future” through the Charity Fund, to guarantee educational integration for minors from the Roma community living in the poorest areas of the city (Barra, Ponticelli and Gianturco). The aim of the programme was to prevent and combat truancy, and to promote the full participation of these pupils in school life.

The specifics

The project consisted of three tools: study grants to encourage school attendance and prevent truancy (contribution of €50 a month to the family of the pupil, on the condition that they not exceed three unjustified absences a month, that the parents keep in regular contact with the teachers, and that they do not involve minors in begging or other working activities); extra-curricular workshops and activities; additional extra-curricular tutoring to consolidate learning.

By the end of the project::

  • 160 children (aged between 6 and 16) from the Roma community in the poorest areas of Naples were integrated into local schools;
  • 90 study grants allocated.
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