Green Bonds

Intesa Sanpaolo's commitment to the Green Economy is also achieved through the issuance of bonds dedicated to the financing of environmental sustainability projects.

Intesa Sanpaolo has developed a framework for the issuance of Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds aimed at regulating the issuance of bonds with both new and existing projects and businesses that will be financed. The main objective is to support investments with measurable and monitorable environmental or social benefits through specific indicators.

Intesa Sanpaolo in 2019 published the new Sustainability Bond Framework which currently complies with the Green Bond Principles, the Social Bond Principles and the Sustainability Bond Guidelines.

Bond issued in November 2019

The inaugural operation has been a Bond focused on projects related to the Circular Economy.

Bond issued in November 2019 - material:

Bond issued in June 2017

In June 2020, following the annual publication commitment, Intesa Sanpaolo published its third Green Bond Report on the use of proceeds and the related environmental benefits.
The analysis shows that 60.5% of the proceeds are directed to photovoltaic, 13.3% to wind, 15.1% to bioenergy, 9.3% to hydropower and 1.8% to energy efficiency. The environmental benefits of the 76 financed projects amount to around 460,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided annually. 

The Green Bond, linked to environmental projects, was issued in June 2017 for a total amount of 500 million euro. The report was subject to an independent third party limited assurance (KPMG).

Bond issued in November 2019:
Press Release
Intesa Sanpaolo Sustainability Bond Framework – November 2019 
Second Party Opinion by ISS ESG 
Investor's presentation
Bond issued in June 2017:
Green Bond Report 2020
Green Bond Report 2019
Green Bond Report 2018
Green Bond Framework 
Green Bond Presentation
Press release
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