Intesa Sanpaolo Research Department

Our Department is one of Italy's leading economic and financial think-tanks.

Our aim is issuing:

  • Independent and impartial analyses, and contributing to the economic debate on the country’s main issues and on the most relevant international economic themes for the Group;
  • Research papers on the trend of Italian and global economies, the capital market, local economies, industrial sectors and districts, the banking system, and public services and local government;
  • Investment research on the issuers of financial instruments traded on the Italian and foreign regulated markets, on unlisted companies and on IPO target companies;
  • Research and recommendations on the main stock and bond markets, with particular focus on Italian and Euro area assets, the currency markets and commodity prices. 


Research Department

Industry & Banking Research


The Industry and Banking Research provides short and long-term analyses and forecast scenarios on the productive sectors of the Italian economy, on industrial districts and local economies; provides analyses on local authorities and local public services. It also produces analyses on the economic trends and prospects of credit, impaired loans, deposits, asset management in the Italian banking sector, with comparisons at European level.

Macroeconomic Analysis

The Macroeconomic Analysis Team prepares analyses and forecasts, intended for professionals, on advanced economies, interest rates, government bonds, currencies and commodities. It also produces reports in Italian for retail customers, private investors and SMEs, on the global economy, the financial market and the real estate market. 

Equity & Credit Research

The Equity & Credit Research Teams provide Banca IMI’s institutional clients with bottom-up coverage of large- and small/mid-cap listed issuers on the Italian stock market, including IPO reports on Italian stocks on the primary market, and on the main issuers of debt securities traded on the Italian market. The Technical & Quantitative Analysis Team generates daily research and recommendations on the key Italian and European equity listed stocks, as well as on the futures of the main asset classes (equity, bonds, commodities).

International Research Network

Through the coordination of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's research activity at international level, the International Research Network ensures the periodical release of reports on the current and expected developments of the economy, financial markets and credit of major countries and emerging areas where Intesa Sanpaolo operates, as well as ad-hoc analyses on the relative dynamics of trade, foreign investments and banking activity.