Initiatives for the inclusion of people with disabilities

Intesa Sanpaolo carefully manages the inclusion of people with disabilities within the Group, guaranteeing an entry role suited to their skills and needs, as well as a professional development plan for the future.

The reference contact within the company to address all problems connected with the world of disabilities and illness is the inter-functional Working Group, created following the Inclusion Agreement of August 2018. Coordinated by the Welfare function, it includes the active participation of around 80 Group’s people representing multiple corporate structures. The aim is to combine the different professional skills with team working, in order to support and enhance the employees’ contribution and promote as much as possible a well-being condition and a support in the development in the company, also enriching the welfare tools in support.

The group periodically meets with the Trade Unions as part of the Welfare, Safety and Sustainable Development Committee to define the initiatives to be undertaken and works in synergy with the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Function. All the members of the group and a representation of all the trade unions participated in the Higher Education Training Course “Disability Manager and the working world” organised by Cattolica University of Milan, in order to lay the foundations for a common language, an important working tool.

The Group’s commitment on the subject lies on the one hand in the management of individual reports from the Group’s employees and on the other hand in multiple activities such as monitoring issues with accessibility to computer systems, training and the organisation of cultural initiatives aimed at raising awareness and involving people on the subject.

Equally intense is the commitment to the outside world, with the participation in the round table “Abilitiamo la Disabilità” (Let’s Enable Disability), in which Intesa Sanpaolo is present with other companies, institutions, associations and non-profit organisations, to discuss the experiences gained, with the aim of investigating, consolidating and spreading a profound culture on Disability Management issues, in addition to several Conventions on the subject.


Intesa Sanpaolo has always put a constant commitment in making the Bank more and more accessible both in terms of spaces/places such as branches (physical accessibility for people with disabilities has been guaranteed in most of our agencies), both in terms of digital applications (mobile apps...) and physical (e.m. ATMs) that can be enjoyed by customers/colleagues with disabilities. Intesa Sanpaolo has also activated a collaboration with Fondazione LIA (Accessible Italian Books) that has been working for years with the Italian Association of Publishers and with the Italian Union blind and visually impaired to expand the accessibility of its documents published both on the internet and on the company intranet. 

Gallerie d'Italia: accessibility and inclusion as a distinctive feature

For over a decade, the Gallerie d'Italia have turned their constant attention to the creation of content and supports capable of promoting the accessibility and inclusiveness of their collections to people living in conditions of fragility and social hardship, in particular : tactile and Braille contents, videos in LIS - Italian Sign Language - and dedicated visit itineraries created in collaboration with Civita Exhibitions and Museums.

The visit itineraries are always free and are offered in all the Gallerie d'Italia offices: Milan, Turin, Vicenza and Naples and are designed with experts and associations in the sector, adapting them from time to time to the characteristics and needs of people with physical, cognitive and sensory limitations.

The various initiatives include, in collaboration with Gallerie d’Italia, the “Visite d’altri Sensi” (Visists from other Senses) project, which involves the participation of blind people as sensory museum guides and, in collaboration with the Innovation Center, a project related to urban transport accessibility was carried out, starting as the first pilot with the involvement of the Municipality of Turin.

DSA Progress for Work

During 2018 the DSA Progress for Work project was carried out, in collaboration with the Italian Dyslexia Association, to allow the selection, positive inclusion and enhancement in the world of work of people with dyslexia and other Specific Learning Disorders (DSA).

The Project continues since several years. After the Dyslexia Friendly Company certification, training modules were provided to HR Management and other figures in the Human Resources area, then continuing the process of raising awareness on Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) through the provision of webinars aimed at the entire company population, carried out in collaboration with the People Care Structure. Guides, video clips, infographics and a self-assessment questionnaire for parents were also made available and families, useful for deepening the theme in all its facets.

Diversity in trade union agreements

Trade union agreements have also taken account of the issue of diversity since 2014 with the definition of the Framework protocol on inclusion and equal opportunities, as part of the renewal of the second-level collective bargaining agreement, with the signing of an Agreement on inclusion in 2018 and 2021. As regards sexual orientation and gender identity, specific company policies were introduced back in 2014 to define the framework for the extension of company benefits to same-sex unions. As well as promoting the specific interfunctional working group that deals with problems connected with the world of disabilities and illness, the Inclusion Agreement also involves the launch of trial projects with the support of the Welfare, Safety and Sustainable Development Committee aimed at promoting the employment of people on the autism spectrum and work-study initiatives for pupils with intellectual disabilities with the goal of potentially including them in the aforementioned work project. 

These projects are partially financed through the Arrotonda Solidale initiative, which involves the payment, on a voluntary basis by all the people of the Group, of the rounding of the net monthly salary to the nearest euro; the Company, in turn, pays the missing cents to complete the euro for each person in the Group. As part of the commitment to provide initiatives in favor of the non-self-sufficient disabled children of the Group's people, a mutual aid society - Third Sector Organization was established on the initiative of the Intesa Sanpaolo Ente Filantropico Foundation.

Diversity - Awards and acknowledgments received

Banca Intesa Beograd award

Banca Intesa Beograd was awarded in 2019 by the Association of Business Women in Serbia for being one of the most gender-sensitive companies on the local market thanks to practices fostering the development of its female workforce and the promotion of women entrepreneurship in the country.

Privredna Banka Zagreb award

In 2019 Privredna Banka Zagreb won the "Family Friendly Employer" award in 2019 as an employer with the highest quality solutions in achieving a family friendly atmosphere for employees, that offers quality care programmes and an innovative solution that positively contributes to the work-life balance and the welfare of its employees.

Financial Times - Diversity Leaders 2022

The Financial Times has published the “Diversity Leaders 2022” report on diversity and inclusion in the company. The report includes a representative ranking of employers from all over Europe who have distinguished themselves on the increasingly important issue of managing diversity in the company: among these there is, for the second year in a row, Intesa Sanpaolo.

The ranking is based on a survey conducted by Statista. Thousands of employees across Europe were asked to rate their employers and those of other companies on the issues of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, disability, LGBTQ + and diversity in general . In total, the ratings of over 300,000 employees were collected. In addition to this, the testimonies of human resources and recruitment specialists were analyzed.

Diversity Brand Summit

Intesa Sanpaolo is in the Top 20 of the Diversity Brand Index (DBI) 2021, the national index that measures the perception of consumers on the ability and commitment of brands in terms of Diversity & Inclusion. During the 4th edition, the report was presented, summarized by an index produced by integrating the perceptions of consumers and the market, detected with a survey, with the assessments of a multi-university Scientific Committee.

People on long-term leave

As part of the initiatives to promote the inclusion and enhancement of the Group's people at different stages of their lives has been developed a path dedicated to colleagues who are absent from work for periods of more than three months (e.g. for maternity, expectation, illness...). The project was born with the aim of maintain a relationship of closeness and listening during absence, strengthening the sense of inclusion and belonging even in moments when you are away from the company. The programme aimed at the Group’s long-term absentees also continued its activity, involving more than 300 long-term absentees in an orientation programme with optional participation, with the aim of establishing a close relationship during the employees’ absence and promoting their successful return to work.

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