Support to ESG transition

Main objectives and results

€8.7bn for Green and Circular Economy

11.2% on the total of loans (more than tripled vs 2020) toward the objective to sustain green economy

€7.7bn disbursed 2018/2021

on €6bn plafond Circular Economy 2018-2021

€1.3bn granted 07.2020/31.12.2021

on €2bn plafond for S-Loans 2020/2021

ESG Transition: discover all the objectives and the results

Objectives and results: 2018-2021 Business Plan
2018-2021 Business
Plan Targets
Description Achievement (data as at 31/12/2021, where not specified)
Loans and services for the Green and Circular economy Supporting the green economy and the circular model using 
innovative methods

Loans disbursed for the Green and Circular Economy: around 8.7 billion euro disbursed, equal to 11.2% of total loans (2.9% in 2020)

Circular Economy credit line: 5.5 billion euro disbursed in 2021 (7.7 billion euro disbursed since launch of credit line)

The collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, of which Intesa Sanpaolo is a Strategic Partner, through an agreement triennial 2022-2024

ESG-Linked loans for SMEs: S-Loan Supporting the sustainable economy

In July 2020 Intesa Sanpaolo allocated a credit line of 2 billion euro (~1.3 euro billion granted since launch, of which ~1.2 euro billion in 2021) for S-Loans designed to help SMEs finance projects aimed at improving their sustainability profile 

The product range was expanded in April 2021 with S-Loan Diversity, in July with S-Loan Climate Change, and in November with S-Loan Agribusiness and S-Loan Turismo. All S-Loans have subsidised interest rates, subject to the annual monitoring of 2 ESG KPI, to be reported in the borrower’s financial statements. The new S-Loan Climate Change and S-Loan Agribusiness products can benefit from the 80% SACE green guarantee 

Green Bond
Supporting the green economy
A 1.25 billion euro Green Bond, focused on green mortgages for the construction or purchase of properties with energy efficiency class A or B and for redevelopment work on properties that leads to an improvement of at least two energy classes, was issued in March 2021
Leadership in sustainable investments
Consolidation of its leading role in sustainable investments

Eurizon: a diverse range of products across 172 funds in all the asset classes that include a focus on environmental or social issues, or have sustainable investment objectives, classified according to Articles 8 and 9 of the new Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation - SFDR, with around 110 billion euro of assets representing around 46% of the total assets of the Funds managed.

Fideuram: 8 funds classified according to Articles 8 and 9 of the SFDR with a total of 2.6 billion euro of assets (about 3% of the total assets of the Funds managed).

In Eurizon, there are 644 companies on which engagement activities have been conducted; these include 240 (over 37%) who have been engaged on ESG issues. The number of companies with ESG engagement has increased considerably compared to 2020 (+40%)

2022-2025 Business Plan: objectives
  • Sustainable lending for Retail clients: further boost of sustainable lending for Retail clients with a focus on the green energy transition
  • Support to SMEs/Corporates on the sustainability journey:
    • Strengthening of sustainable lending to SMEs/Corporates
    • Dedicated Circular economy Lab and strategic partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
    • More than 12 ESG Labs, at least one in each Regional Governance Centre, with around 100 dedicated ESG specialists, in collaboration with specialised partners to support SMEs/Corporates in ESG transition
    • Skills4ESG platform for client training and engagement

Support the green transition: 88 billion euro of new lending for the green economy, circular economy and green transition (76 billion euro in relation to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan(1), 12 billion euro to individuals(2)), of which 8 billion euro dedicated to circular economy

  • Client assessment based on Intesa Sanpaolo proprietary ESG scoring: 
    • Proprietary ESG scoring fully embedded in Intesa Sanpaolo’s credit risk appetite framework, as a key component for sustainable lending assessment together with considerations at a sector level (ESG/climate sectorial heatmap) and also included in the credit worthiness assessment of the entire Intesa Sanpaolo client base, in line with the expected regulatory evolution 
    • Inclusion of ESG scoring within the credit strategies framework
  • Enhancement of ESG proposition in Asset management:
    • Expansion of the ESG asset management offering
    • Increase in new ESG funds(3) as a percentage of total new funds introduced from 58% in 2021 to 70% in 2025
    • Increase in Assets under Management (AuM) in sustainable investments(4)  from 110 billion euro in 2021 to 156 billion euro in 2025 with a percentage of total AuM from 46% in 2021 to 60% in 2025
    • Further development of the Eurizon proprietary ESG scoring, with the extension to new asset classes
    • Development of dedicated ESG advisory services for Fideuram
  • Development of dedicated ESG insurance offering
    • Development of dedicated non-life ESG offer (e.g. products for companies adopting eco-sustainable behavior, green vehicles)
    • Enrichment of ESG/climate offer within Group Life commercial proposition

(1) 2021-2026 
(2) 2022-2025 
(3) Eurizon perimeter – Funds pursuant to art. 8 and 9 SFDR 2088 
(4) Eurizon perimeter – Funds pursuant to art. 8 and 9 SFDR 2088

Latest news

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Intesa Sanpaolo and SACE supply €10n to foster investment by businesses in renewable energy, so as to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and start a process of "energy self-production".

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Insights on ESG transition

Green Bonds

The commitment to the Green Economy through the issuance of bonds dedicated to the financing of environmental sustainability projects.

Documents and indicators

Documents relating to environmental reporting and information relevant to the investors are available below.

Social Bond issued in October 2022:  
Green, Social and Sustainability Bond Framework - June 2022
Second Party Opinion ISS - June 2022
Investor presentation 
Press note
Bond issued in August 2022:  
Green, Social and Sustainability Bond Framework - June 2022
Second Party Opinion ISS - June 2022
Investor presentation 
Press note
Climate Change Action Plan 
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2021:
Transition to a sustainable, green and circular economy
Climate Change
Environment indicators - pdf
Environment indicators - excel
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2021:
Environmental and Climate Change indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2020:
Environmental and Climate Change 
Environment indicators - pdf
Environment indicators - excel
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2020:
Environmental and Climate Change indicators
Green Bond Report 2021
Bond issued in March 2021:
Green, Social and Sustainability Bond Framework 
Second Party Opinion
Bond Investor Presentation
Press release
Bond issued in November 2019:  
Green Bond focused on Circular Economy Report - 2020
Press Release
Intesa Sanpaolo Sustainability Bond Framework
Second Party Opinion by ISS ESG 
Investor presentation
Bond issued in June 2017:
Green Bond Report 2020
Green Bond Report 2019
Green Bond Report 2018
Green Bond Framework
Green Bond Presentation
Green Bond Press Release
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