Sustainability indices

Intesa Sanpaolo is included in several sustainability indices and rankings defined by specialist ratings agencies that select companies not only for their financial performance but also for their results in the three ESG areas (Environmental, Social, Governance), or in specific fields such as diversity.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
Logo Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

Intesa Sanpaolo is included in the DJSI World and DJSI Europe of S&P Global, sustainability indices based on an annual assessment carried out with a best-in-class criterion among companies with significant capitalisation.
DJSI World includes more than 300 companies among the 2,500 largest businesses in the world included in the S&P Global BMI. DJSI Europe includes around 150 companies among the 600 largest European businesses included in the S&P Global BMI. 

Intesa Sanpaolo score - February 2023
Overall score 83 46
Sustainability Yearbook Logo


In February 2023 Intesa Sanpaolo has been confirmed in S&P Global's Sustainability Yearbook 2023 - Top 10% ESG Score 2022.

FTSE4Good Index Series
FTSE4Good logo

Intesa Sanpaolo is included in two indices of the FTSE4Good Series, an equity index family that is designed to facilitate investment in companies that meet globally recognised corporate responsibility standards. The inclusion is based on the ESG rating, assigned by FTSE Russell which exclusively uses public information of over 7,200 companies in 47 different financial markets.

Intesa Sanpaolo score - December 2022
Overall ESG Rating
Absolute Score (1-5)
Supersector (Banks) – Percentile rank (1-100)
MSCI ESG Indexes
MSCI logo

Based on the analysis of the environmental, social and governance aspects of 8,500 companies, they are divided to represent the main ESG strategies. 
Intesa Sanpaolo has an AA rating and is included in several families of indices including MSCI ESG Leaders, MSCI Climate Change, MSCI, Climate Action and MSCI Low Carbon.


CDP 2022
CDP logo

CDP is a nonprofit organization that provides a global system for measuring and disclosing environmental impact information. 
CDP annually carries out an assessment aimed at evaluating the approach to climate change (nearly 15,000 companies scored on environmental themes in 2022). The analysis is based on data and information provided by companies, which are assessed on 4 levels (communication, awareness, management, leadership) representing the phases that a company goes through when progressing towards environmental protection, on a scale from A (best) to D-.
In 2022 Intesa Sanpaolo achieved the A score and was included, only Italian Bank, in the “A List” which includes 296 companies worldwide.

Corporate Knights - 2023 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World Index
Global 100 logo

Corporate Knights includes Intesa Sanpaolo in the index the 100 most sustainable companies in the world - first bank in Europe, second in the world and first in Italy - among over 6,000 listed companies, compared to 25 indicators that analyze, among others, issues relating to environmental sustainability, attention to human resources, gender equality, revenue from ESG product, services and investments. 

Euronext Vigeo Eiris Indices

Intesa Sanpaolo is included in the Euronext Vigeo Europe 120 and the Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120. The 120 companies included in both indices are selected on the basis of the assessment conducted by the ESG Vigeo-Eiris rating company on about 5,000 issuers and various asset classes, the screening also includes the analysis of any disputes.


The Intesa Sanpaolo stock was included in the MIB ESG Index, the first blue-chip index for Italy dedicated to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) best practices, launched on 18 October 2021 by Borsa Italiana.

The index includes issuers that present ESG best practices and combines the measurement of economic performance with ESG assessments in line with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The composition of the index is based on the analysis of ESG criteria by Vigeo Eiris (V.E.), a company of Moody's ESG Solutions, which evaluates the ESG performance of issuers.

The index’s methodology reflects a ranking of the top 40 Italian listed companies based on ESG criteria. The selection is made out of the 60 most liquid Italian companies  and  excluding companies involved in activities which are not compatible with ESG investment. Components of the index are free-float market capitalisation weighted.

Solactive ESG Indices
Solactive logo

Intesa Sanpaolo is included in the Solactive ESG indices, including Global and Europe Corporate Social Responsibility Indices, which use the criteria of the independent association Forum Ethibel and in other ESG indices, such as Solactive ISS ESG Prime Index Series, which refer to ISS ratings.

STOXX® Sustainability Indices
STOXX ESG Leaders logo

Intesa Sanpaolo is part of several families of STOXX® sustainability indices including Low Carbon and Climate Indices. The STOXX® Global ESG Leaders Index, which selects companies with best-in-class criteria, is highlighted on the basis of sustainalytics' sustainability rating. The index includes about 400 world-leading companies.

Standard Ethics Indices
Standard Ethics logo

They analyze the companies in terms of sustainability, governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Intesa Sanpaolo is included in the Standard Ethics Italian Index, Standard Ethics Italian Banks Index, Standard Ethics European Banks Index, Standard Ethics European 100 Index (the title is assigned an EE rating on a scale from EEE a F).


ECPI Indices
ECPI logo

A family of over 50 indices based on the analysis of the public information of over 4,000 companies, which also includes an assessment of risks and any disputes. Intesa Sanpaolo is included in the ECPI World ESG Equity and ECPI Euro ESG Equity, to name a few.

2023 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI)
2022 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) logo

Launched by Bloomberg in 2018, the Gender Equality Index (GEI), is a cross-sectional index involving all business categories and focusing on gender equality.

It includes 484 companies analysed across five survey areas that include: female leadership & talent pipeline, equal pay and gender pay parity, inclusive culture, sexual harassment policies, pro-women brand.

Refinitiv Global Diversity and Inclusion Index 2022 - Top 100
Refinitiv Diversity and Inclusion Index logo

The Refinitiv index includes the top 100 listed companies in the world that have distinguished themselves as more inclusive and attentive to diversity in the workplace. It is based on 24 parameters related to four key categories: diversity, inclusion, people development and disputes. 

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