Social Initiatives

Intesa Sanpaolo's social work began with philanthropic banking foundations and over the years has increasingly deepened its involvement across the country. In recent years, the Group has completely reworked its approach to solidarity, charity and benevolent initiatives and has provided a staunch backing for social interventions. We want to take action, take care, breathe in new life. And this returns with greater force in this particular moment of the country's life, dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. We want to respond to old and new needs, also at this stage by taking up the social challenges that are being played out in the field of the fight against poverty, health, disability, new lifestyles, accommodation, education, and the ageing population. We want to tell you, especially now, the stories of men and women in a country that resists and changing.

"The strength of our Bank and our people will continue to stand alongside Italy’s businesses, families and broader society as we move beyond the emergency and begin to relaunch an inclusive, sustainable growth"


Carlo Messina

CEO and Managing Director of Intesa Sanpaolo

March 31, 2020

Covid Actions

Intesa Sanpaolo Covid Actions

In this particular moment in the life of the country, the commitment on the territories, in favor of people and communities, is aimed above all at countering the emergency caused by the Coronavirus - Covid-19.


Stories about boys and girls living in a colourful world, even when it seems like grey is overshadowing them.

Intesa Sanpaolo e Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus: RI-pescato

In collaboration with Banco Alimentare, the "RE-fished, from illegal trade to food charity" project