Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds

Intesa Sanpaolo's commitment to support the ESG transition is also achieved through the issuance of bonds dedicated to the financing of social and environmental projects.

For these issues, the Bank has developed specific Frameworks compliant with Green Bond Principles, Social Bond Principles and ICMA's Sustainability Bond Guidelines.

Social Bond - October 2022

The Social Bond is dedicated to finance/refinance the Social categories described in the Green, Social and Sustainability Bond Framework of June 2022.


Green Bond - August 2022

The Green Bond is dedicated to finance/refinance the green categories described in the Green, Social and Sustainability Bond Framework of June 2022.


Green Bond Report 2021

Starting from the reporting for the year 2021, the report sees the transition to the" Portfolio approach ". On the basis of the "portfolio approach", we move from a report on the allocation of income and environmental benefits for each bond to a report that estimates the impacts and benefits obtained for the entire portfolio of eligible loans for each of the green categories included in the Intesa Sanpaolo framework.

Read the 2021 Green Bond Report

Green Bond for green mortgages - March 2021

The Green Bond is dedicated to green mortgages for the construction or purchase of energy-efficient properties.


Green Bond for the Circular Economy - November 2019

In December 2020, the first Report of the Green Bond focused on the Circular Economy was published, which reports on the environmental benefits and the sectoral distribution of circular economy portfolio projects. The report shows that as of October 31, 2020, the projects have been allocated for:

  • 36.9% to production processes powered by renewable sources or recycled resources and/or products derived from them
  • 32.7% to the development of products and/or services that significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency in the consumption of resources, within the company or its supply chain
  • 12.5% to solutions that extend the life cycle of products and/or materials
  • 12.3% to innovative technologies that promote the circular economy model
  • 5.6% to the design and/or manufacture of products that can be fully recycled or composted within an efficient process of collection, separation and recycling after use.


Green Bond for renawable energy (ex UBI Banca) - april 2019

In December 2020, the second Green Bond Report was published: at 31 December 2020 the projects were destined for:

  • 73% to solar energy projects
  • 18% to wind energy projects
  • 3% to projects related to energy deriving from biomass
  • 6% to hydroelectric energy projects


Green bond for renewable energy and energy efficiency - June 2017

In June 2020, following the annual publication commitment, Intesa Sanpaolo published its third Green Bond Report on the use of proceeds and the related environmental benefits.
The analysis shows that 60.5% of the proceeds are directed to photovoltaic, 13.3% to wind, 15.1% to bioenergy, 9.3% to hydropower and 1.8% to energy efficiency. The environmental benefits of the 76 financed projects amount to around 460,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided annually. 

The Green Bond, linked to environmental projects, was issued in June 2017 for a total amount of 500 million euro. The report was subject to an independent third party limited assurance (KPMG).


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