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All the vacancies for those looking for an internship experience or an opportunity to consolidate a path that has just begun.

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The opportunities for those who want to consolidate their professional career and are looking for a new experience in an international company.

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Stage in IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division

If you are looking for a professional opportunity where you can express your talent and continue to grow in an increasingly international and innovative environment, IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division is the place for you.

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The IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Department's features


Continuously improve by looking ahead, anticipating challenges, cultivating creativity and innovation and enhancing merit

Respect for specificities

Combining large dimensions with local roots, thinking big and not losing sight of the individual


Adopt listening and dialogue to improve relations with our interlocutors

International Next Program

With the International Next program of the IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division you have the opportunity to work abroad within a big Group.

This ambitious program foresees the strengthening of the international network thanks to an organizational model centered on the geographical proximity of consultancy and relationships. With I-Next we want to invest in professionals able to support customers anywhere in the world.

By participating in this program, you will be able to seize an opportunity for professional growth with one or more stops abroad, in the Network's structures around the world.

People we are looking for International Next Program

All the vacancies dedicated to the International Next program are aimed at Junior and Senior profiles:


Management of relationships with corporate customers and Financial Institutions

Product specialists

In the area of Global Transaction Banking, Global Markets, IB&FS, SEF...


For managerial open positions

Investment Banking and structured finance

The IMI Corporte & Investment Banking Division is chosen by many companies, both Italian and foreign, for the professionalism of its people and for the ability to establish lasting collaborative relationships, as well as distinguishing itself for the effectiveness of its solutions.

In this Division you will have the opportunity to acquire new skills and compare yourself daily with structured finance professionals.

Finance and Good Stories

Finance and Good Stories

In the prestigious location of the LUISS Campus in Rome, the speeches of Prof. Mauro Micillo, Chief of IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division of Intesa Sanpaolo, enhanced Dr. Guido Maria Brera's talk on "Finance and Good Stories", with the aim of deepening the topic of sustainable finance and the mechanisms of today's financial markets and explaining how they affect the lives of all of us and what the future scenarios might be.

Four possible paths to develop your career

M&A Advisory

To get to know M&A operations, its advisory services and follow our clients in all phases of the operation, even as project manager.

Equity Capital Markets

The opportunity to learn how to accompany companies that intend to go public or that need to meet particular financial needs related to their capital.

Debt Capital Markets

A path in which you can learn how to manage debt capital raising services.

Structured Finance

The opportunity to become part of one of the main operators in the creation of innovative and tailor made structured finance solutions.

M&A Advisory: the opportunity you are looking for

By joining the IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division, you would have the opportunity to gain experience within one of the major operators in the M&A business in Italy, specialized in the implementation of extraordinary corporate finance transactions and with a deep knowledge of the financial markets and the Italian industrial reality.

Joining the IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division today means immersing yourself in a cross-product managerial reality, which allows you to experiment with different aspects of all activities and to participate in all steps of financial operations.

It will be an opportunity for you to acquire 360 ° training in the M&A world, to be in direct contact with customers and to work on the largest operations on the financial market.

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