Support to the community

Intesa Sanpaolo’s commitment to the Community develops in the form of a series of various contributions which in 2023 reached over 101 million euro.

The main action areas in which monetary contributions were made in 2023 were support for art and culture, amounting to 42.2 million euro (37.1 million euro in 20212, social solidarity for 22.2 million euro (15.2 million euro in 2022), economic development for 13.1 million euro (13.8 million euro in 2022), education and research for 8.5 million euro (the amount disbursed in 2022 was 10.1 million euro), health for 3.3 million euro (3.6 million euro in 2022).

Examples of projects

Golden Links: create new connections

A project with a circular approach that aims to distribute new clothes and other goods to families in need.

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Nurseries for Long-stay Child Patients

To offer children aged 0-3 affected by onco-haematological pathologies a free educational opportunity in the hospital.

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Monetary contribution to the community by area of activity

Art and Culture
Social solidarity
Civil and humanitarian emergencies
Economic development
Education and research
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