Your passion, our values

We are leaders in Italy and one of the main banking groups in Europe.
Strongly innovative and international, we are however also closely linked to tradition and our territories.
We work to support the economy of our country and over 40 other countries in which we operate. We promote a growth perspective that is always sustainable and inclusive.

People are our main strength. Reactivity, flexibility and speed are the skills that distinguish us, allowing us to face constantly changing contexts and aspire to ever new horizons.

We are looking for brave people who share our same passions and values.
If you feel driven by these same principles and in possession of these characteristics, discover our world and candidates.
We are looking for profiles in numerous areas: finance, technological and systems innovation, data analysis, legal, communication and sustainability and much more.

Graduates and students

Are you a high-school graduate? Got an undergraduate degree or about to graduate? Check out all the opportunities on offer for young people like you.

Digital Video Interview

Would you like to have a personal interview where and when you want, through an innovative selection method?
From today our selection process for some professional positions becomes digital: turn on your PC or smartphone, take some time in the place where you feel most comfortable and answer the questions of our recruiters recording your answer. Didn't like the first registration? Don't worry, you will have the chance to register a second time!
To access the digital video interview you must apply for a professional position.

Professional growth

Luigi, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center. Celebrate the value of innovation every day.


Spontaneous applications

We recommend you carefully to look through the open positions to send an application and start the selection process; you can find all open positions at this link.

Haven't you found any open positions that you like? You can send us your CV by spontaneous applications.

Upcoming events

NEWS: Following the measures taken for the Coronavirus situation (COVID-19), our events in collaboration with universities and recruiting events, such as Make it Real, will be postponed.
We invite you to consult our social channels and the Career Site for further updates.

International presence

Our global network is comprised of International Subsidiary Banks operating in 12 countries in Central Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern and North African areas, and an International Corporate Network formed of Corporate Hubs, Representative Offices, Branches and Banks active in 25 countries of the world. 

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