Initiatives for Universities and Schools

A big part of Intesa Sanpaolo’s commitment to the development of the country has always been a focus on young people, their right to education, training and access to the world of work. These issues are integral parts of the Business Plan and are now taking on even greater significance in that they help promote financial development, create new jobs, develop and protect Italian talent and diminish Italian regional inequalities.

“At the heart of the Business Plan is our desire to contribute to the cultural, social and civil development of our country. We are a large bank and we feel a responsibility to help educate the citizens of tomorrow. We’re convinced that economic development is intrinsically linked to educational level - particularly with regard to younger generations - as well as to social cohesion and the circular dynamics of the production cycle. Creating the conditions to generate new jobs is the priority in the relaunch of our country.”


Carlo Messina
CEO and Managing Director of Intesa Sanpaolo

Education, inclusion, culture, research and innovation

Through relationships with universities and schools, Intesa Sanpaolo promotes institutional activities and supports initiatives undertaken with the academic world (teaching posts, membership fees, research, projects) in Italy and around the world. We also develop and guide these relationships to ensure strategic coherence and a common approach, partly as a way of optimising the use of financial resources.


Intervention drivers

Education and social responsibility

Through specific projects, we invest in the development of children and young people, helping them to become citizens capable of taking up an active role in tomorrow’s society.


We promote knowledge by supporting inclusive education and post-degree training with scholarships and teaching posts. We develop links between the bank and universities through company visits, internships and placements, in-company dissertations and study credit.


We have public and private partnerships designed to make a decisive contribution to the acceleration of the transformation of the production system. We position ourselves as leading player, sharing skills and best practices in technological and industrial sectors within many local communities across Italy.

Scientific research and trend analysis

We have focused research-projects exploring the major industry trends, in collaboration with associations and universities working in similar fields.


Educational projects designed to raise awareness among the adults of tomorrow.

Inclusive education

Commitment to support the youngest generations’ right to study.

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Research and innovation

Research projects and activities to promote innovation in our country.

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