Supporting the Third sector

The commitment to playing a leading role in the social and cultural growth of the community to which it belongs led Intesa Sanpaolo to build up its tools and initiatives in favor of Third sector organizations, called upon to overcome the increasing difficulties that public entities must face in order to provide citizens with adequate services.

The Impact Department operates with respect to the Third Sector with an offer dedicated to its organisations, a total deposit of about 9 billion euro, of which about 6.9 billion in direct deposits, as well as loans for about 2.8 billion.

Crowdfunding platforms

For Funding is the social crowdfunding platform of the Group aimed at organisations, non-profit associations and foundations which want to launch a fundraising campaign. The initiatives are selected by an internal team which assesses the beneficiary organisation and the type of projects so as to enhance the value of the most deserving.

Each transaction is free for both the donor and the beneficiary. For Funding is a unique and distinctive model in the world of social crowdfunding and for loans to non-profit projects. In 2021, For Funding raised about 11.4 million euro in donations, exceeding the 2020 amount that had ranked it in 2020 as the leading Italian Donation Crowdfunding platform. 

In 2021, the FORMULA programme was activated through which more than 30 projects were launched and supported by For Funding throughout the national territory. These projects are identified by the Bank’s local structures, which have a thorough knowledge of their local area and are thus able to learn about important charitable initiatives that fail to obtain the visibility they need, as they are small organisations in small local realities. The projects aim, for example, to support reception centres for children in difficulty, social cooperatives that seek to prevent the marginalisation of adolescents, facilities for the elderly and disabled persons, but also aim to redevelop the suburbs or particular spaces, such as sports complexes that help to combat situations of hardship for young people through the aggregation and values of sport. In 2021, more than 5.3 million euro were raised for projects within the scope of FORMULA. 

Some projects within the scope of For Funding involve a direct donation made by Intesa Sanpaolo. Specifically:

  • 30 euro for each Green Mortgage disbursed and 10 euro for each Green loan are donated to the “Dona una Casa alle Api” (Donate a House to Bees) and “Forestami” (Urban Forestation) Project; 
    4.60 euro are donated for each signed “Proteggi Salute” (Health Protection) policy and “Salute e Infortuni” (Health and Accidents) module, to the project “Crescere Protetti” (Grow Protected) by the Fondazione Rava, to offer a Health policy free of charge to children from families in difficulty or fostered outside the family. At the end of 2021, the Bank had donated about 172,000 euro.
Initiatives and organizations

The Bank has developed a rating model of social businesses that integrates the traditional methods of bank analysis with important elements for the non-profit organizations, such as the ability to fund raising, success in projects funded by Public bodies and Foundations.
In this way, we assess clients on elements of debt sustainability and social projects, that also take into account the peculiarities of the non-profit world and of its specific "intangible asset".

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