Protection and restoration of natural capital

Intesa Sanpaolo, aware of the role of the protection of natural capital in combating climate change, with the 2022-2025 Business Plan, as part of the strategic objective of activating climate and environmental initiatives, has committed to protecting and restoring natural capital:

  • with a relevant reforestation project, planting more than 100 million trees over the four-year period of the Plan through direct Group initiatives or dedicated customer loans
  • by adopting a specific biodiversity policy.

Reforestation projects

In its 2022-2025 Business Plan, Intesa Sanpaolo, in addition to confirming its 'Net Zero' commitment by 2050 for its own emissions, loan and investment portfolios and asset management, has introduced the objective of protecting and regenerating natural capital, directly or in collaboration with clients.

Every year, around 10 million hectares of forest area are destroyed, an area equal to about 1/3 of Italy, with the obvious consequences in terms of irreparable damage to the biosphere and negative effects on climate change.

For this reason, in November 2023, Intesa Sanpaolo launched the Think Forestry initiative, which will enable its clients to play a leading role in protecting and strengthening forests through a wide-ranging programme that will provide access to a network of first-rate national and international forestry initiatives, while also offering innovative tools to support companies in their journey to reduce CO2 emissions and manage residual emissions. 

As a first step in the programme, an extensive planting programme has been launched, thanks to an agreement with the company Rete Clima, with the aim of contributing to the 'reforestation' of the Italian territory, a programme in which the Bank will participate directly, leading by example and supporting the planting of trees in some major Italian cities, starting as early as November 2023 in Turin and Rome.

Reforestation projects

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