Professional development and Internal Job Market

The Intesa Sanpaolo Group considers the motivation and enhancement of the Bank's people as a priority. For Intesa Sanpaolo, putting the "Person at the Centre" means offering initiatives to develop and strengthen skills, considered essential for the realization of business strategies in terms of generating social, economic and economic value.

Professional Development Initiatives for our people

In addition to the Group's initiatives to enhance its People on a human level, Intesa Sanpaolo promotes initiatives to allow employees to test themselves in different realities of the Group and promote talents with international paths.


Jobs@ISP is the process that manages the internal labour market in Intesa Sanpaolo, offering all colleagues the opportunity to apply for vacancies in the different realities of the Group.

Launched in May 2018, and implemented on the same platform that manages external recruitment, it shares its logic, processes and evaluation methodologies, and allows the Group's employees to spontaneously apply for ads that are published weekly on the People internal portal: if their profile is consistent with the requirements shared by the structure that opened the research, internal candidates support selection interviews for the evaluation of soft skills and those to the suitability that allows them to carry out new experiences within the Group.

Since the start of Jobs@ISP, research has been published for over 1,180 positions, which have collected over 15,000 applications and led to the inclusion of about 600 colleagues in new structures (more than 300 in 2020).

Talent development

The International Talent Program (ITP) has established itself as one of the most important talent development initiatives at a Group level. Launched in 2017 to develop a new generation of managers and professionals with an international outlook, the Programme is aimed at a target group of employees who are professionals or middle management. The key element of the Programme is its personalised development courses of 3-5 years. Each course consists of inter-functional, inter-divisional and international work experiences, each of which lasting indicatively at least a year. The aim is to develop new skills - technical/specialised, behavioural and managerial - and an overall vision of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

All participants in the Programme are involved in specialist and managerial training initiatives in English in collaboration with leading Business Schools, in international workshops focused on innovation, and in project work initiatives closely related to the Group’s business areas.

In the first quarter of 2021, the number of participants in the Program exceeded 300 colleagues, also following the integration of UBI Talents. An important step towards the goal of the Business Plan, aimed at reaching 500 talents by 2021.

Development initiatives International Subsidiary Banks

Corporate Business School

The “Corporate Business School” training program aims to strengthen the technical-specialist skills and soft skills of the Relationship Managers of the Corporate & SME segment of the subsidiaries of the International Subsidiary Banks Division. The project was developed by the Corporate & SME and HR Departments of the Division in collaboration with the Business School of the University of Turin and in collaboration, both for the design and for the teaching, of the colleagues of the Chief Lending Officer area of ​​the Group and of the Corporate and Investment Banking Division. The program has a duration of one year and a modular structure on four main areas: Corporate & SME Segment and Customer Focus, Products & Corporate Finance, Credit Process & Credit Risk Management, Communication and Negotiation Skills, and includes a final certification issued by University of Turin. Launched in 2019, the program continued in 2020, despite the pandemic, with an entirely online offer through webinars dedicated to comparing and sharing best practices on various business topics. The first edition, which ended in March of this year, involved about 50 Relationship Managers.

Development Policy and Learning Academy Head Office Department

During 2020, the Direction continued the implementation of innovative training models and methodologies, oriented to the people of the Group, useful for promoting multi-channel training that maximizes learning simplicity and flexibility. In the particular period of health emergency, the necessary information supports were provided, useful for the widespread dissemination of the rules protecting the health of all the people of the Group. To meet the challenge of excellence in a complex context, the training and development action is constantly renewed to support the business results of today and tomorrow with the following objectives:

  • developing distinctive professional and managerial skills at all levels
  • promoting the dissemination of our key values by linking the learning of principles to daily behaviour in order to strengthen corporate identity
  • guiding the Group's growth by supporting innovation, internationality and inclusion
  • supporting Business development and disseminating financial and business culture among customers, while enhancing the Group’s know-how and image.
2020 results achieved

The training activity as a whole generated about 11.8 million hours of training (of which over 11 million remote) with a percentage of active users (61,829) compared to the workforce (63,245) equal to more than 97% for the Italy perimeter only. Smart Learning has enabled the provision of approximately 3.5 million hours to almost 35,000 network collaborators with an average of approximately 100 hours per capita.

In the context of health emergencies, the use of digital channels was further accelerated through Apprendo (the Group's training platform), MyLA (the App dedicated to Banca dei Territori which this year exceeded 12,000 users) and Scuola dei Capi (the App dedicated to Group managers). The pandemic had a great impact on the way of working but, also thanks to digital, it was possible to quickly reorganize remote activities, activating communication campaigns to encourage flexible training.

Thanks to innovative multimedia production technologies, a process of creating short content, produced through a highly participatory logic, with agile and direct impact derivation methodologies, has been further consolidated.

The training platforms were enriched during the year 2020 with over 2,700 new training objects, which were aimed in particular at the mandatory topics, the Group Code of Conduct, the three-year anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism and embargo training plan. Digital content was also made available dedicated to deepening knowledge on IT risks, deriving from the predominant use of technological devices in the period of the health emergency. In the ESG field, a project was launched to strengthen the skills for the IMI CIB Division through the activation of a training schedule of remote classrooms that involved a representative group of all the Divisions with the aim of both spreading a basic culture on ESG issues and strengthening specialist skills.
Digital training for the various professions was equivalent to about 720 total hours for a corresponding number of 7,450 training objects available.
The total number of training objects used by the staff in force was over 46 m.

2020 was a central year for the "Scuola dei Capi" which supported over 7,800 Group leaders and talents, during the months of exceptional and unexpected transformation of the managerial context, in identifying the needs of the managers who found themselves managing their remote team. The app boasts a total offer of over 700 contents, The over 6,100 users of the app have generated over 800,000 views of content on topics relating to the profession of the boss, such as team management even remotely, or content such as diversity & inclusion, big data and circular economy. The installation rate of the App was over 90% with an adoption rate of over 80% and an approval rating of the Heads with respect to published content of over 98%.

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