Professional development and Internal Job Market

The Intesa Sanpaolo Group considers the motivation and enhancement of the Bank's people as a priority. For Intesa Sanpaolo, putting the "Person at the Centre" means offering initiatives to develop and strengthen skills, considered essential for the realization of business strategies in terms of generating social, economic and economic value.

Professional Development Initiatives for our people

In addition to the Group's initiatives to enhance its People on a human level, Intesa Sanpaolo promotes initiatives to allow employees to test themselves in different realities of the Group and promote talents with international paths.


Jobs@ISP is the process that manages the internal labour market in Intesa Sanpaolo, offering all colleagues the opportunity to apply for vacancies in the different realities of the Group.

Launched in May 2018, and implemented on the same platform that manages external recruitment, it shares its logic, processes and evaluation methodologies, and allows the Group's employees to spontaneously apply for ads that are published weekly on the People internal portal: if their profile is consistent with the requirements shared by the structure that opened the research, internal candidates support selection interviews for the evaluation of soft skills and those to the suitability that allows them to carry out new experiences within the Group.

Since the start of Jobs@ISP some 700 researches have been published, which have collected more than 9,000 applications (900 of which met in a recruitment interview in 2019) and which have led to the inclusion in the new office of more than 300 resources.


International Talent Program

The International Talent Program (ITP) is one of the most important talent enhancement initiatives at the Group level. Launched in 2017, for the development of a new generation of international culture managers, the Program is aimed at a pool of employees with a professional or middle management profile. 

The qualifying element of the Programme is custom development paths lasting a total of 3-5 years. Each route is characterized by cross-functional, interdivisional and international work experiences, each of the indicative duration of at least one year. 

The aim is to develop a global and international vision of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group through the consolidation of new skills, both technical, behavioral and managerial. 

During the three years of the course, all participants of the Program, in support of their professional development, are involved in specialist and managerial training initiatives in English, in collaboration with the best international Business Schools. 

The number of participants is currently more than 250. 

Additional recruiting formats have been created for the recruitment and selection of young talent. Make it Real is the brand with which Intesa Sanpaolo approached millennials by offering them business game experiences supported by tutors and internal managers. The project ended with the inclusion of the best talents in the company. 


Development initiatives International Subsidiary Banks

Corporate Business School

The "Corporate Business School" project is structured as a modular training program dedicated to Corporate&SME managers of the subsidiaries of the International Subsidiary Banks Division (ISBD). The program was developed by the Corporate&SME Department with the support of ISBD's HR Department, with the main aim of strengthening the skills and knowledge of business managers. The course developed in collaboration with the Business School of the University of Turin has an annual duration and includes training sessions both in presence and online. The first Product and Services module took place on 5-7 November 2019 and was attended by 45 managers.

Egypt tour for agriculture

On 4 and 5 April 2019, Intesa Sanpaolo hosted one of the stages of the international study tour organized by the Egyptian Banking Institute in order to illustrate the best practices adopted by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group to develop innovation and excellence in the financing of the agricultural sector. On the first day, the participants, belonging to Bank of Alexandria and 7 other Egyptian banks, met three representative clients and the following day the meeting took place with the representatives of the Corporate&SME Department of the International Subsidiary Banks Division (ISBD), who outlined the Bank's financial approach to the agri-food sector.                                                                                                      

Culture and Green Initiatives – Training (Workshop Agribussiness Egypt)

On 26-27 November 2019, the workshop "Agribusiness: Best Practices in ISBD to support Enterprises" was held in Milan. Over the course of two days, 25 colleagues from the International Subsidiaries presented the best practices in the agribusiness field. The seminar was also an opportunity for an update on the evolution of the "Agribusiness Model" by Intesa Sanpaolo.

Development Policy and Learning Academy Head Office Department

During 2019, training and development actions were built and implemented to create new models and innovative methodologies, oriented to the people of the Group, together with a multi-channel training that maximizes simplicity and flexibility of learning. To overcome the challenge of excellence in a complex context, training and development is constantly renewed to support today's and tomorrow's business results with the following objectives:

  • developing distinctive professional and managerial skills at all levels
  • promoting the dissemination of our key values by linking the learning of principles to daily behaviour in order to strengthen corporate identity
  • guiding the Group's growth by supporting innovation, internationality and inclusion
  • supporting Business development and disseminating financial and business culture among customers, while enhancing the Group’s know-how and image.

On the whole, the training activity has generated:

  • about 11 million hours of training (12% live and 88% from remote)
  • an average of 50 hours of training per person (52 in Italy and 42 abroad).
2019 results achieved

In 2019, training continued to be digitized, focusing on remote channels over traditional channels.

Thanks to innovative multimedia production technologies, a process of creating short content, produced through a highly participatory logic, with agile and direct impact derivation methodologies, has been further consolidated.

In addition, at the same time as the new release of Apprendo, the new APP MyLA was distributed to 21,360 users and 3,805 iPads of Branch, designed in collaboration with Apple and in co-creation with professionals inside and outside the bank.

In 2019, approximately 2,600 new digital training content was produced and validated, reaching a total of training available to the Group's population of more than 3,800 educational objects, registering approximately 67,000 users for a total of more than 32 million access.

During 2019 School of Chiefs consolidated the mission outlined in the Business Plan, continuing to support more than 7,800 heads and about 200 Talents of the Group. During the year, the involvement of the managers of the Foreign Banks continued and the consequent strengthening of an international community.

The usage data speaks of 6,100 users of the School of Chiefs App, with over 800,000 content views and an average rating of 4.3 on a scale ranging from 1 to 5.


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