Professional development and Internal Job Market

The Intesa Sanpaolo Group considers the motivation and enhancement of the Bank's people as a priority. For Intesa Sanpaolo, putting the "Person at the Centre" means offering initiatives to develop and strengthen skills, considered essential for the realization of business strategies in terms of generating social, economic and economic value.


Learning Academy

In 2022 the Development Policy and Learning Academy Head Office Department continued to implement innovative training models and methodologies, geared towards all Group’s employees and conducive to promoting a multichannel approach that makes learning as simple and flexible as possible through the use of the different corporate training Platforms/Apps (Apprendo, Myla and Management School). 2022 also marked the launch of the new LEA training platform dedicated to employees belonging to the International Subsidiary Banks coordinated by the International Subsidiary Banks Division, through which the digital training addressed by the Parent Company to the Banks in the scope is currently provided, including mandatory training, and a live training channel is planned to be launched.

To meet the challenge of excellence in a complex context, the training and development action is constantly renewed to support the business results of today and tomorrow with the following objectives:

  • developing distinctive professional and managerial skills at all levels
  • promoting the dissemination of our key values by linking the learning of principles to daily behaviour in order to strengthen corporate identity
  • guiding the Group's growth by supporting innovation, internationality and inclusion
  • supporting Business development and disseminating financial and business culture among customers, while enhancing the Group’s know-how and image.
2022 achieved results

In 2022, the hours of training provided reached a total of approximately 12.6 million, 11.3 million of which in digital mode.

The level of satisfaction among the Group’s people (81% for digital training and 97% for live training) is high, in line with those already achieved in previous years.

The end of 1H22 saw the finalisation of the sale of the Intesa Sanpaolo training business line that led to the establishment of Digit’ED Spa (Intesa Sanpaolo’s exclusive partner in the development of training initiatives), which sets out to be a leading educational player in Italy, leveraging Intesa Sanpaolo’s innovative learning infrastructure and positioning itself as an aggregator of the best Italian companies in the sector. In 2022, new mechanisms concerning non-completion of mandatory training within the required timescales were introduced in the incentive system in order to further strengthen its monitoring.

On a thematic level, the mandatory training provision for Group’s people was extended and updated, based on the guidelines set out in the new Code of Conduct. New digital contents were published on the subject of Legislative Decree 231 and cybersecurity, the latter area considered to be extremely significant, also given the continuation of the health emergency. There was a number of ESG training initiatives aimed at the IMI CIB Division, Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking and the rest of the Group.

On a thematic level, the training provision was expanded and updated with the publication of new digital contents to implement the regulatory updates on the subject of Legislative Decree 231, Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Corruption, Business Continuity and Cybersecurity. The latter areas continue to be considered crucial, both following the Group’s continuous digital development and in consideration of the challenging international political situation. Further digital contents have been developed on the broad theme linked to the NRRP (digital and sustainable mobility, education and research, social inclusion and cohesion, tourism, agribusiness). Furthermore, with regard to Diversity & Inclusion issues, initiatives were provided in continuity with the work carried out in previous years, such as initiatives dedicated to female empowerment, parenting and the dissemination of the ageing culture. On the international front, the training plan on inclusive leadership was launched within the scope of the International Subsidiary Banks Division, which involved the top managers of the first three target banks of the initiative; the IMI CIB Division, on the other hand, promoted initiatives aimed at inter-generational dialogue and enhancement.

In line with the 2022-2025 Business Plan and in order to strengthen culture and skills in the ESG area, various training contents were developed and made available, mainly with reference to participation in the Net Zero initiatives, the UN 2030 Agenda, ESG scoring, with the goal of continuing to enhance the culture and skills of the Group’s people in the sustainability sector. The content was accessed by around 92% of Group’s people.

In 2022, managerial training continued to be provided to over 8,200 Managers and 300 Talents with a wide range of initiatives. Listening to Managers’ needs was the springboard for the provision of personalised training on managerial needs in a new context: over 90 Managers were involved in Shadow Coaching Meetings, aimed at improving performance in the management of remote meetings, over 240 Managers were involved in Distance Tutoring and around 200 Managers in Coaching courses, two tools which, through the Management School App, increasingly integrate opportunities for interaction with the digital dimension. Every Friday, Managers are invited to Digital Talks (over 3,500 Managers in 2022), interviews with experts on managerial issues and scenario topics with insights into the banking reality. As part of the digital meetings, 5 editions of Compliance Talks were also held on transversal training topics for Top Management. Several personalised journeys were created by Structure, individual Manager’s profile and specific development needs. These include, for example, the Female Leadership Acceleration, a programme designed to enhance female talent and guide around 180 managers along their managerial growth process.

The Management School App, enriched with around 150 new learning objects, for a total provision of 1,000 contents also dubbed in English, achieved an 80% adoption rate and 99% satisfaction rate. Content planning in digital format was focused on the managerial conditions of the new working context and on strategic issues for the Bank included in the new 2022-2025 Business Plan: sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion issues, technological evolution in the workplace and the transformation of job roles and business models. 

Professional Development Initiatives for our people

Initiatives and activities

In addition to the Group's initiatives to enhance its People on a human level, Intesa Sanpaolo promotes initiatives to allow employees to test themselves in different realities of the Group and promote talents with international paths.

  • Jobs@ISP: is the process that manages the internal labour market in Intesa Sanpaolo, offering all colleagues the opportunity to apply for vacancies in the different realities of the Group. It has been launched in May 2018, and it is implemented on the same platform that manages external recruitment, it shares its logic, processes and evaluation methodologies, and allows the Group's employees to spontaneously apply for ads that are published weekly on the People internal portal: if their profile is consistent with the requirements shared by the structure that opened the research, internal candidates support selection interviews for the evaluation of soft skills and those to the suitability that allows them to carry out new experiences within the Group. Since the start of Jobs@ISP, research has been published for over 1,180 positions, which have collected over 15,000 applications and led to the inclusion of about 600 colleagues in new structures (more than 300 in 2020).
  • International Talent Program (ITP): the International Talent Program (ITP) is one of the most important initiatives to enhance the talents of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. Launched in 2017 to develop a new generation of managers and professionals with a transversal culture and an international outlook, the Programme is aimed at a pool of Group professionals or middle managers, and consists of personalised development paths lasting approximately 3 years. Each path is characterised by interfunctional, interdivisional and international job rotations of 12 months each, the objective of which is the development and strengthening of key technical-specialist and managerial skills - and of an overall vision of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. At the end of 2022 the number of talents included in the Programme exceeded a total of 350: an important step forward towards the objective of the Business Plan, aimed at strengthening the Group’s middle management in an increasingly international perspective. The 350 talents are currently involved in two editions of International Talent Programmes cutting across the entire Group, and in some editions dedicated to specific areas: two editions for the Control Functions, one for the Chief IT Digital Innovation Officer area, one for the Chief Lending Officer area and one for Digital Compliance, in addition to the Talents from UBI Banca who are continuing with their tailored programme in Intesa Sanpaolo. The International Talent Programme also finds a new dimension in the 2022-2025 Intesa Sanpaolo Group Guidelines, which present a new and innovative talent strategy focused on the Business Plan, digital acceleration, ESG and enabling behaviours. 2022 marked the end of the selections for the third edition of the International Talent Program, which involves 147 talents from across the entire Group, and the selections for the International Graduate Program, an edition dedicated to 20 new graduates who are hired by the Group from the external market and included in the already consolidated development programme; the selected participants will be included in the Talent Program at the beginning of 2023. 

  • The Key People programme: represents a process of excellence aimed at the Group’s middle management, identified as an enabling factor for the new Business Plan, as an expression of high potential, in possession of the key distinctive skills for the achievement of the objectives of the Plan and/or responsible for the management of specific strategic projects for the same Plan. Launched in 2022, it is targeted at approximately 430 managers, also operating in the Network, with the aim of enhancing their all-round professional and managerial growth and potentially guiding them towards future roles of responsibility in particularly complex managerial contexts. Over the course of the Business Plan, participants are involved in a tailored development plan characterised by transversal initiatives, aimed at the whole community, as well as premium or dedicated initiatives, designed by the Management School and selected from time to time for the Group’s people, through the supervision of a dedicated pool of HR Managers together with the reference HR Management Divisions.
Initiatives and activities - International Subsidiary Banks

Corporate Business School

The “Corporate Business School” training program aims to strengthen the technical-specialist skills and soft skills of the Relationship Managers of the Corporate & SME segment of the subsidiaries of the International Subsidiary Banks Division. The project was developed by the Corporate & SME and HR Departments of the Division in collaboration with the Business School of the University of Turin and in collaboration, both for the design and for the teaching, of the colleagues of the Chief Lending Officer area of ​​the Group and of the Corporate and Investment Banking Division. The program has a duration of one year and a modular structure on four main areas: Corporate & SME Segment and Customer Focus, Products & Corporate Finance, Credit Process & Credit Risk Management, Communication and Negotiation Skills, and includes a final certification issued by University of Turin. Launched in 2019, the program continued in 2020, despite the pandemic, with an entirely online offer through webinars dedicated to comparing and sharing best practices on various business topics. The first edition, which ended in March of this year, involved about 50 Relationship Managers.

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