Professional development and Internal Job Market

The Intesa Sanpaolo Group considers the motivation and enhancement of the Bank's people as a priority. For Intesa Sanpaolo, putting the "Person at the Centre" means offering initiatives to develop and strengthen skills, considered essential for the realization of business strategies in terms of generating social, economic and economic value Commercial.

Professional Development Initiatives for our people

In addition to the Group's initiatives to enhance its People on a human level, Intesa Sanpaolo promotes initiatives to allow employees to test themselves in different realities of the Group and promote talents with international paths.

Job Posting

Another way to promote professional development is Job Posting, which offers all employees the opportunity to propose for vacant positions in the various Group companies; in 2017, 750 applications were received.

International Talent Program

As part of development of talents and leadership and strengthening of motivation and sense of belonging, in 2017 the International Talent Program was launched. Dedicated to the Group's internal talents, the project proposes custom made paths during 3 to 5 years featuring an interdivisional, interfunctional and international dimension.

The participants get involved in a specialized managerial training, finalizing project work related to Group businesses, and in international on-the job training events. Every Talent person has a dedicated sponsorship program with the direct involvement of the Group's senior managers.

The selection process involved more than 1,000 employees, leading to the identification of over 100 Talents; the beginning of 2018 saw the first job rotations coming into force.

Additional recruiting formats have been created for the recruitment and selection of young talents. Make it Real is the brand with which Intesa Sanpaolo has approached the millennials proposing them business games with the support of tutors and internal managers. The project brought to the inclusion of the best talents in the company.

Training, Management Development and School of Managers

The mission is to build and implement training and development initiatives, also through the School for the Intesa Sanpaolo managers, accessible to everyone in the Group, geared towards the values of the Code of Ethics, which favour digital access, developing innovative methodologies which are integrated and aimed at maximising effectiveness in terms of learning places and times.
To win the excellence challenge in a complex scenario, the training and development action is constantly updated to support business results today and tomorrow with the following objectives:

  • developing distinctive professional and managerial skills at all levels
  • promoting the dissemination of our key values by linking the learning of principles to daily behaviour in order to strengthen corporate identity
  • guiding the Group's growth by supporting innovation, internationality and inclusion
  • supporting Business development and disseminating financial and business culture among customers, while enhancing the Group’s know-how and image.

On the whole, the training activity has generated:

  • 9 million hours of training (14,6% live and 85,4% from remote)
  • an average of 40,3 hours of training per person (39 in Italy and 43 abroad).

The constant investment in training has received an important recognition: the ISP Digital Learning project: Portal and Smartphones App to Learn Anytime, Anywhere won the Distribution and Marketing Innovation Awards contest organized by EFMA and Accenture, in the Workforce Empowerment and Behavior category.

2018 results achieved

In 2018 the live activity was further reduced due to the launch of the digitalisation project for training that favors remote channels over traditional ones. The orientation to digital training was confirmed with the consolidation of the new digital platform for training, Apprendo, which offers a wide range of contents in different formats and modes. In 2018, the platform delivered more than 2,700 training objects, registering approximately 69,500 users for a total of almost 30 million accesses.
In 2018 the new Business Plan consolidates the mission of the "Scuola dei Capi" to promote a common managerial identity also involving the heads of the Foreign Banks and those residing abroad.
The App, in 2018, registered more than 6,100 users, over 560,000 views with an average rating rating of 4.2 (scale from 1 to 5).

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