Health and safety

The increasing attention given by Intesa Sanpaolo to the health and safety of employees and of all interested parties, is evident in the many initiatives that the Group uses to identify, control, mitigate and (where technically possible) eliminate risk situations related to buildings, processes and to the circumstances of its staff.

A careful assessment of all potential risks to health and safety in the workplace is carried out in order to prepare the "Risk Assessment Document", available to all the staff, that includes the identification of individual preventive and protective measures. Following this assessment, a process for managing the risk conditions assessed is implemented, which, through the close cooperation of the competent corporate departments, enables continuous improvement of health and safety conditions at work.

Health and Safety Management System (SGSL)

In addition to ensuring compliance with current legislative and regulatory forecasts, the highest standards for health and safety are pursued through the implementation of a health and safety management system (SGSL) that complies with the requirements of the International Health and Safety Assessment Specification (ISO 45001)
Intesa Sanpaolo has obtained certification according to the ISO 45003 Guidelines for the risk identification and management process, the launch of concrete projects for people's well-being and for psychological support.

Health and Safety Policy

The policy applies to the Parent Company Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. and, by virtue of the policy and coordination action exercised by it, to all Group companies.

From the Policy derives rules and processes applied at Group level which define Intesa Sanpaolo's approach to protect the health, safety and well-being at work of all its people as well as of the other external stakeholders impacted by the Group's activities (eg. customers and suppliers).

The basic principles reflect the requirements of the Consolidated Law on health and safety in the workplace (Legislative Decree 81/2008) and of the relevant mandatory legislation. The Policy is approved by the Employer for health and safety pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008.

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