Attention to social needs and commitment to culture

Commitment to community: targets and results

24.8m meals 2018-2021

Target 3.6m meals a year in 2018-2021 period

1.5m dormitory beds 2018-2021

Target 72,000 beds a year in 2018-2021 period

296,250 medicines 2018-2021

Target 36,000 medicines a year 2018-2021 period

249,200 articles of clothing 2018-2021

Target 36,000 articles of clothing a year in 2018-2021 period

€80m monetary contribution 2021

to the community, objective support to social and cultural territorial projects

40% monetary contribution to community

to enhance the artistic and cultural heritage in line with 2018-2021 target

Attention to social needs: discover all the objectives and the results

Objectives and results: 2018-2021 Business Plan
Objectives of 2018-2021 Business Plan Description
Achievement (data at 31/12/2021, where not specified)
Becoming an exemplary model for society in terms of social and cultural responsibility Support social and cultural projects relevant to the area  €80m monetary contribution to community, of which 40% in arts and culture and 20% in social and solidarity 
Combating poverty
Distribution by 2021 of 10,000 meals a day (3.6 m a year) and providing 6,000 beds a month (72,000 a year), 3,000 medicines and 3,000 clothing items a month (36,000 medicines and 36,000 items of clothing a year)
Target achieved well ahead with 24.8 million meals, 1.5 million beds, 296,250 medicines, 2492000 items of clothing 
“Giovani e Lavoro” Programme

Training and placement of 5,000 young people in the Italian employment market (in partnership with Generation Italy)

About 24,000 applications received, over 5,200 students interviewed, over 2,200 students trained / in training, over 2,000 companies involved since 2019 
Artistic and cultural heritage Promotion and sharing of the Group’s artistic and cultural heritage and promotion of the culture and awareness of the country’s heritage

Over € 32 m monetary contribution for Art and Culture, in addition to exhibitions and ongoing exhibitions at the Gallerie d'Italia (14 new exhibitions opened in 2021)

Gallerie d'Italia: work continued on the Turin and Naples museums

2022-2025 Business Plan: objectives

Total contribution of around 500 million euro, through investments and donations

  • Supporting people in need: expansion of the food and shelter programme for people in need carrying on around 50 million interventions to distribute meals, bed places, medicines and clothes
  • Fostering youth education and employability:
    • Launch of employability programs for more than 3,000 young people (e.g. Giovani e lavoro and Generation4Universities) and involvement of more than 4,000 schools and universities in inclusive education programs (e.g. WeBecome)
    • Promoting 3,000-4,000 social housing units for youth (e.g. students, young workers) in Italy
  • Assisting senior population:
    • Creating around 30 senior community hubs to provide, at the local level, social and leisure activities and dedicated health and social assistance services
    • Promoting 3,000-4,000 social housing units for seniors (e.g. seniors with low income, living alone) in Italy
  • Two new museums for Gallerie d’Italia in Turin and Naples(1) and expansion of exhibition spaces in Milan and Vicenza with an overall increase from 14,200 square metres in 2021 to 30,000 in 2025
  • Multi-year program of original temporary exhibitions, educational labs with schools and social inclusion projects dedicated to vulnerable categories
  • Creation of a center of excellence in the new Gallerie d’Italia in Turin to promote the value of photography
  • Restituzioni” Program, dedicated to restoration and valorisation of the national heritage curated by the Bank in collaboration with the Cultural Ministry
  • Professional education programs in art and culture
  • Partnerships with museums, public/private institutions in Italy and abroad
  • Sponsorship of cultural activities and events

(1) Transformation of Palazzo Turinetti in Piazza San Carlo in Turin and of the former Banco di Napoli building in Naples into new museums.

Our support to the Society

Generic image of a social initiative

Discover the section of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group website, dedicated to describing all the projects in the social field, from initiatives aimed at the community in terms of inclusion, to the enhancement of culture and the promotion of education and innovation. Intesa Sanpaolo's goal is in fact to become the first Impact Bank in the world by providing accessible financial funds to categories of people in difficulty and to businesses to ensure an opportunity for everyone.

Particular support to culture

Photo of Gallerie d'Italia - Turin

Attention to the culture of our country has led our Group to favor the use of its important artistic, architectural, editorial and documentary heritage, the result of the history and patronage tradition of the banks that joined the Group, through the Culture Project, and on the other hand to contribute to the safeguarding of the country's cultural heritage.

Insights into the numbers of social and cultural challenges

Documents and indicators

Documents relating to reporting about attention to social needs are available below.

Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2021:
Community support
Community Indicators - pdf
Community Indicators - excel
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2021:
Community indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2020:
Community Indicators - pdf
Community Indicators - excel
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2020:
Society indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2019:
Community Indicators
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