Intesa Sanpaolo for the Needy

The social-impact programme represents a core focus for Intesa Sanpaolo. It is overseen by the Social Initiatives department. It is a commitment shared by partner non-profits, public bodies and other companies, with which we work to breathe new life into the system and promote best practices. Our objective is an ambitious one: to help eradicate the social factors that marginalise men, women and children. We provide basic needs: meals, a place to sleep, medicine, clothes. These actions are of huge value and restore dignity - something to which we are all entitled.


Pasti Intesa Sanpaolo per i Bisognosi


We work with partners to distribute 10.000 meals every day, to ensure that nobody is left behind

RE-fished: from illegal trade to food charity

A project aimed at recovering, processing and distributing confiscated fish and giving it to charitable organisations

Fighting food poverty

We work with Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation, a foodbank that provides food to millions of people living in poverty, who sadly constitute a significant portion of the Italian population

Paediatric Food Rehabilitation

With this nutritional rehabilitation project, we will support families with children affected by neurological disorders

Places to sleep

Posti letto Intesa Sanpaolo per i Bisognosi

We're working with non-profit organisations with years of experience in the field to boost emergency accommodation and offer 6.000 bed spaces per month

Casa Sollievo Bimbi Paediatric Hospice

Founded in collaboration with VIDAS, the Casa Sollievo Bimbi Paediatric Hospice was established to support families with children suffering from incurable illnesses, offering care for those struggling with their emotions even before physical effects take their toll

Welcome Together

To meet the most fragile and marginalized people in our communities

A Home for my Family

Generating territorial poles of proximity: strengthening the reception system for families of sick and hospitalized children in long-term pediatric wards


Recupero farmaci validi Intesa Sanpaolo per i Bisognosi

We want to restore the right to health for all, particularly for those who have had to neglect their health because of their economic standing, by working with partners in Italy to distribute 3.000 medicines per month

Recovering In-date Medicines

We’ve signed an agreement with the Banco Farmaceutico ONLUS Foundation to boost the collection and distribution of expired pharmaceuticals that are still fit for use. The aim is to tackle health poverty overall as well as provide medication for the needy that are under the care of charities


Indumenti Intesa Sanpaolo per i Bisognosi

We want back to a society that produces more than it consumes. We work with producers among our client base to distribute 3.000 pieces of clothing per month

Golden Links: create new connections

Golden Links is a partnership between the bank’s clients and Caritas Italiana. The project aims to distribute new clothes to those in need, redressing the balance between excess and need and turning fragility is mobilized into strength

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Other initiatives


We work with the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation to restore the balance between food supply and demand

Recreational Therapy

With Dynamo Camp to offer holidays for sick children

A Home for Those in Treatment

We began collaborating with AIL to offer patients a warm, welcoming place away from home where they can deal with their illness and stay with their nearest and dearest

Clochard Oasis

Established in collaboration with City Angels, Clochard Oasis is a complex for homeless people. The homeless are people: men and women. We have to bear this in mind