Welcome Together

The data about poverty bring out the fragile face of our country, a phenomenon whose size is the basis of Intesa Sanpaolo's commitment to promoting greater social cohesion and reducing inequalities.

With a view to identifying impact strategies, which concretely meet the needs of the most fragile people, the Welcome Together project comes to life, which has the ambition to become a system action, combining two important purposes that characterize some of the most significant projects by Intesa Sanpaolo on the social front: the offer of meals and beds for people in a state of fragility.

And so, in Rome and Vicenza, two territories different in geographic position, but similar for emergencies of fragility and impoverishment, we create together with the Diakonia Onlus Association and the Compagnia degli Amici di Gesu, Giuseppe and Maria Onlus Association, a significant program to ensure food and shelter for those who need it most.

In this way people in a serious state of marginality in Vicenza find shelter in the structures managed by the Diakonia Onlus Association. The same happens in Rome, with the Compagnia degli Amici di Gesu, Giuseppe and Maria Onlus Association for the consolidation of existing interventions and for the completion of the structure being finished at the Tor de 'Specchi Monastery.

Aware, as we are, of the fact that these numbers translate into looks, voices, people.