Golden Links: create new connections

On the one hand, extreme poverty has, for a few years now, hit the very core of our country. These are people who need help finding a place worthy enough to call home, food, medical care and clothes. On the other hand, there are surplus stocks of new clothes that often do not make it to market. It’s a straightforward idea, spearheaded by charity workers who explained to us just how difficult finding underwear, clothing and shoes for young and old really is: bring manufacturers and those able to distribute clothing to those who need it together.

Golden Links was established in collaboration with Caritas Italiana, the Promoting Committee S-Nodi Gabriele Nigro, and major corporate customers of the bank, including Goldenpoint S.p.A., Calzedonia S.p.A., Scarpe & Scarpe S.p.A., Camomilla Italia, and Primadonna S.p.A..

An incredible story, which tells us how from the vulnerability experienced by marginalised women and prisoners grew a force for good thanks to the collaboration of non-profit Italian organisations: vulnerable people bringing recovered clothing and shoes together and packing them into gift sets to be given to equally vulnerable people. These simple, caring gestures inspire moments of pure joy when the kits are delivered. A virtuous circle that does so much good and demonstrates humanity in all its aspects.