Recovering In-date Medicines

The project entitled Recovering In-date medicines was established with the aim of expanding the network of cities in which medication is collected and redistributed.

A commitment that has brought Intesa Sanpaolo and the experience of the Banco Farmaceutico Onlus Foundation together in Italy to tackle healthcare poverty and satisfy the need for medication affecting increasing numbers of people.

As an organisation, the Banco Farmaceutico Onlus Foundation is deeply rooted in Northern Italy. This project, developed in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo, will see new collection and redistribution centres set up in areas of severe socio-economic deprivation. These will collaborate with other centres with proven experience (the most recent start-ups include centres in Matera and Padua).

The social generativity at the heart of the project will enable us to establish a highly effective welfare system throughout the country, which will combat waste and support those in need.

Mappa Recupero Farmaci Validi Intesa Sanpaolo