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Mathematicians, lawyers, IT specialists, art experts, engineers, architects, interns, senior managers. From those who don't yet know where their talent lies to those who want to continue to grow in a challenging, international and innovative environment. Intesa Sanpaolo is the place for you.

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For those who want to relate to customers and understand their needs but also for those who have extensive knowledge of the market and want to participate in the development of new services and solutions.


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IT Department

For those who want to be part of the structure that supports the Group's business in the digital environment. The open opportunities dedicated to innovation and improvement of the Group's activities, from cyber security to the creation of new architectures.

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For those who want to create perspective models that help the Group to understand possible trends. All the opportunities from the Risk Management area to the world of data scientists, up to the actuarial sphere.

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For those who want to accompany the business through internal advisory activities in the legal, compliance or audit fields. All the positions for those who work for the protection of the Group, colleagues and customers.

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All vacancies

Check out all the open positions right now and find the ones most in line with your profile.

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For those who are looking for a professional path in the structures that support the Group in achieving its objectives: from the world of administration, to the Lending Officer, up to the HR and Organization structures.

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Junior Software Engineering, IT, Digital and Innovation Area

If you have a diploma or a bechelors degree  in the tech field, there is an opportunity for those who, like you, have a strong passion for the digital and IT world.

In the Group's IT, Digital and Innovation Area, you can participate in the renewal of the Bank's information system to accelerate its digital transformation and help make Intesa Sanpaolo one of the best tech companies in Europe.

Functional Analyst, IT, Digital and Innovation Area

If you have 3 to 5 years of experience as an IT functional analyst, this opportunity is for you.

You will be able to manage the planning of applications relating to credit processes in a transformative perspective and bring your innovative contribution to your team.

Senior IT Program & Project Manager, IT, Digital and Innovation Area

As a project manager in Intesa Sanpaolo you will be able to manage independently and with your team, highly complex but highly stimulating projects, thanks also to the support of the latest generation technology.

If you have reached 5 years of experience, perhaps in banking and finance, do not miss this opportunity for professional growth.

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