Young people’s right of access to study

gruppo studenti colleghi

We support young people in their studies

Collaborations between Intesa Sanpaolo and universities

Intesa Sanpaolo partners with Italy’s leading universities and promotes scholastic inclusion through:

  • Study support
  • Student loans

Study support

We support Masters degrees, post-graduate training, scholarships, teaching posts, and PhDs.
Intesa Sanpaolo is well aware of the advantages of interacting with students and universities, especially because of the exchange of knowledge, and implementation of joint projects which increase the appeal of university curricula, company competitiveness, student employability, and economic and social development in local communities.
Company visits, in-company dissertations, talks during academic courses and conferences and the main points of contact between the company and the academic world.



Study credit

The Impact Fund was set up to provide a total €1.2 billion in loans to social categories with reduced access to credit, such as university students researchers and new entrepreneurs female entrepreneurs in particular, and including those who launching a start-up.

Merit-based student loans that identify quality education and meritocracy as the basis for the country’s development.