Scholarships to reduce the gender gap

Intesa Sanpaolo and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center in partnership with the Politecnico di Milano for the project GIRLS @ POLIMI offer scholarships to bring young students closer to STEM degree courses.

Educational inequality

The path to gender equality still appears very long and complex. In particular, in the world of education there are still many disparities that reduce access to spaces that offer an opportunity to imagine and dream of a different future.
In the world of education, we still find many constraints in the form of  models, conditioning, stereotypes and inequalities that prevent women from betting on the future and being protagonists of the changes. Constraints that change the way girls look at themselves, especially in terms of future opportunities. Constraints that are often formed in the family and at school and which act in shaping conditions that guide girls in the development of knowledge different from the mathematical-scientific world, effectively starting the educational inequality that leads girls to the humanities.

Opinions on the gender gap
Gender disparity in university choices and the world of work

53.3% of the thousand Italian Millennials interviewed - young people between 18 and 30 years old - said they were convinced that in a couple it is useful and right for both to work. 58.8% of girls are against the idea of the woman queen of the hearth, 46.1% of males think the same way[1]. 

At school, girls perform better than boys, they are better, they work hard, they drop out less and many go to university. Here, they choose to enroll en masse in the humanities faculties and only to a small extent in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathemathics) ones, obtaining excellent performances.
In the 2018-19 academic year, graduates from all faculties accounted for 57% [2] of the total, Indicating greater success for women than men in completing their studies, including in science. Excellent performances that are often not rewarded either in terms of employment, salary or career.
In the difficult period we are going through, projections say that women will be the main victims of the socio-economic upheaval produced by the pandemic in the world. One more reason to intervene on the multiple dimensions of discrimination against women.
Action is needed to provide girls with support and educational skills that facilitate the growth of their aspirations. It is necessary to act to make women protagonists and not passive subjects of the transformations taking place. Action must be taken now.


Intesa Sanpaolo partner del Politecnico di Milano per il progetto GIRLS@POLIMI

We have chosen to be alongside those who promote initiatives that aim to enhance the talent of girls.
The Politecnico di Milano launched the GIRLS @ POLIMI project, that wants to bring female students closer to STEM courses by assigning scholarships established thanks to the contribution of the partners.
Intesa Sanpaolo and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center are partners of the Politecnico di Milano and have chosen to support the establishment of eight scholarships to be allocated to as many deserving young students willing to enroll in the Politecnico's STEM degree courses. The scholarships will cover the entire duration of the three-year or master's degree program. In addition, there are also mentorship programs aimed at self-empowerment useful in approaching the world of work.

We are confident that this company-academy partnership will be concrete and targeted because it is based on 2 solid and shared elements: the certainty that women's intelligence and energy can be a lever to redesign the future; the conviction that the project can help bridge the gender gap and trigger the development of skills capable of bringing together talent, culture and scientific method.
We think that a cultural change of this magnitude needs the connection between different worlds which, by dialoguing with each other, can help girls to be entrepreneurs of their own future. We invest in female talents to promote and bring new working and knowledge models into daily practice. We see this goal as a shared responsibility in support of the community for the growth of people. obiettivo come una responsabilità diffusa a sostegno della comunità per la crescita delle persone. 


[1] Fonte Eurispes -“Soprattutto io. Coppie millennials tra stereotipi, nuovi valori e libertà” 2019 
[2]  Fonte MIUR  - Focus “Le carriere femminili in ambito accademico” Marzo 2020 


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