International Day of Women and Girls on Science

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Intesa Sanpaolo's initiatives

To combat this phenomenon, in recent years Intesa Sanpaolo has supported and participated in initiatives aimed at encouraging female students' interest in scientific studies.

  • It supports, as main partner, the YEP (Young Women Empowerment Program) project, organized by Ortygia Business School and now in its fifth edition, which aims to encourage the inclusion and training of female students from Southern Italy in the STEM field, through mentoring among young participants and professionals. Thanks to YEP, over 100 female students from 12 different universities have the opportunity to participate in a process of discussion, study and coaching, accompanied by as many high-level professionals, to explore the world of work, acquire greater awareness of existing opportunities and own abilities and weave relationships and connections that are valuable for one's growth.

  • To support the participation of women in STEM careers, as part of the Girls@Polimi program Intesa Sanpaolo has supported 16 scholarships up to date, to actively contribute to attracting more female students to technical-scientific faculties. The commitment continues in the new edition just starting. 

  • We are associated with the Sodalitas Foundation and support the Stem by me initiative, which aims to make lower secondary school students aware of the opportunities offered by the world of work - which increasingly require technical-scientific preparation and gender equality -, thus supporting them in making an informed choice for their future.
    The project includes a plenary kick-off event every year with students and parents. This is then followed by some meetings dedicated to exploring the most requested professional figures in the company and the type of skills needed to enter the world of work. Intesa Sanpaolo participates with a testimony in one of the dedicated meetings, together with other companies. 

  • Intesa Sanpaolo also collaborates on the IBM project “NERD? (It's Not Stuff for Women?)", which adheres to the Digital Republic manifesto of the Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digitalization and is sponsored by Inclusione Donna. The initiative aims to introduce Italian high school students to the world of IT, and more generally to scientific subjects, through participation in laboratories and by developing digital projects on the 17 objectives proposed by the UN 2030 Agenda.

  • On Intesa Sanpaolo On Air, a podcast was also published, created with Gabriella Greison, physicist, writer and science communicator, defined as "the rock star of physics". “The Magnificents of Science”, tells the story of the heroines of science of the past to inspire those of the future: homage to ten pioneering and rebellious women, who managed to realize themselves in their work with courage and determination, not only thanks to their extraordinary discoveries, but also for having challenged the conventions of a scientific community dominated by men only. 

The contribution from the Charity Fund

Intesa Sanpaolo's Fund for Charity and social and cultural works has been dedicating part of its resources for years to supporting projects aimed at encouraging the development of STEM skills, as part of interventions to combat educational poverty and school dropout. The projects are open to all, in a non-divisive logic, while maintaining particular attention to actions specifically aimed at overcoming the gender gap. The work with school and educational staff is fundamental to disseminate innovative teaching methodologies and tools and the training of the wider educational community on the topic of combating gender stereotypes.

Below are the projects supported by the Fund during 2023, which aim to encourage the dissemination of orientation and training courses in STEM disciplines:


Save the Children Italy project. Through two courses in the areas of Brindisi, Catania, Potenza, Sassari and Scalea for a total of around 320 young people involved, the project intervenes on the NEET phenomenon through the organization of STEM master classes held by female professionals, in order to encourage role modeling and dismantle gender stereotypes, creating connections with universities and companies and other entities operating in the scientific-technological field.

Next Land

Next Level project. In some more complex areas of the provinces of Bari, Naples and Turin, 1,250 students aged 14-19, 100 mothers and 70 teachers are involved in an educational path made up of 4 macro-actions that combine STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) and orientation, involving the entire community, schools, universities, museums and businesses. The project intends to support the educational and professional choices of the most disadvantaged families and adolescents.

In Journey towards the future: new growth opportunities for young people in Palermo and Catanzaro

Initiative of The Tree of Life. Aimed at 600 minors aged 5-14 and their families and teachers, the project offers 4 workshops for each area involved, to support learning in STEAM disciplines: using a practical learning method, the children are guided on a path that stimulates critical and computational thinking, where experimentation is capable of strengthening learning and knowledge relating to innovation and digital literacy.

PASPARTU': integrated actions to combat educational poverty in the Acate area

South South International Cooperation Initiative. In Sicily, in the province of Ragusa, 230 minors, many of whom are in conditions of socioeconomic difficulty, are involved in laboratory teaching, peer education and cooperative learning projects. The main action takes the form of two cycles of "FABLAB" laboratories, for primary schools and lower secondary schools, which use innovative and digital tools such as Arduino, 3D printers, etc.

SEED – Educational Empowerment Development against Discrimination

Libellula Foundation Program in Milan. The project involves 70 minors in need of educational models to counter stereotypes and discrimination and people; at risk and/or victims of discrimination and violence; men, with the need to investigate and deconstruct stereotypes linked to the masculine. The objective is to promote the culture of respect for diversity and non-discrimination. The various activities proposed include the holding of workshops for the improvement of teaching and skills, including STEAM, by the group of minors. Scientific disciplines are presented and used as a tool for emancipation, and a topic of training and discussion to combat stereotypes.

Support for education through the For Funding platform and the Formula program

For Funding is the Group's social crowdfunding platform aimed at Non-Profit Organizations that want to start a fundraising campaign to support their projects. On For Funding, every donation made is free for the donor and the beneficiary: every euro donated therefore reaches the project.

Intesa Sanpaolo has also activated the For Funding FORMULA Program dedicated to the specific needs of each regional territory in terms of environmental sustainability, social inclusion and access to the job market for people in difficulty. The territorial projects supported by Formula are chosen with the involvement of the bank's regional managements, assisted by the Cesvi Foundation, which supports Intesa Sanpaolo in identifying non-profit organizations of excellence at a local level and thus intercepting the opportunities with the greatest positive impact for the community.

The For Funding platform has so far hosted 6 fundraising campaigns in support of projects dedicated to promoting, supporting and encouraging the presence of women in academic and professional paths linked to the science and technology sectors.


National program to combat educational and material poverty and to bridge the gender gap that hinders the educational path of girls and young women. By Save the Children, Inequality and Diversity Forum, YOLK™

Let's give a boost to the young talents of the South with "My Future Buddy"!

This is a program of support and orientation for high school students in Southern Italy aimed at reducing gender-related gaps in the area to discover academic and professional opportunities.
Link: https://www.forfunding.intesasanpaolo.com/DonationPlatform-ISP/nav/progetto/my-future-buddy

Training and development: We enhance the female talents of the South!

Ortygia Business School Foundation program to support female students from 8 high schools in Southern Italy with an in-depth course on economic and STEM disciplines and the support of a personal mentor - a student from the University of Pavia - who can guide them in future academic and training choices.

StemDays – The Girls' Camp

Cesvi Foundation and Human+ ETS Foundation program for the creation of a large experience and training laboratory on technology and gender in Turin dedicated to third and fourth year high school students.

Link: https://www.forfunding.intesasanpaolo.com/DonationPlatform-ISP/nav/progetto/stemdays-camp-torino


Innovative project which, through performance and theatrical art, brings young people from schools in Brescia closer to science. Link: https://www.forfunding.intesasanpaolo.com/DonationPlatform-ISP/nav/progetto/id/8120?preview=true

Let's shorten the distances

Project in Venice and Treviso to support the introduction of girls and boys, boys and girls to STEM subjects. It is a program of the Cesvi Foundation and CODESS SOCIALE cooperative society.