Graduate Program Intesa Sanpaolo

International Graduate Program

The Contest Day

Last December we closed the first edition of SLAM with an exclusive Contest Day at the Turin Skyscraper. The finalists listened to the advice of Paola AngelettiChief Operating Officer of Intesa Sanpaolo, and Roberto CascellaExecutive DirectorPeople Management and HR Digital Transformation, and the testimonies of illustrious sports champions. Finally, they took part in an exciting business game. 

An opportunity not to miss


Immediate hire on a permanent basis


Lessons and courses in collaboration with one of Italy's top business schools.


An intensive and accelerated growth path.


A job rotation abroad to breathe in the Group's internationality 

Job Training

Cross-functional project work to collaborate with colleagues from different fields and achieve new skills.

Future Jobs

The opportunity to lead the change specializing yourself in a job of the future.


The constant support of a mentor and a talent advisor throughout the program.


The opportunity to know the Group and quickly achieve the skills most in demand.

The path with the International Graduate Program

Programma Graduate Intesa Sanpaolo

Joining the International Graduate Program means starting a unique experience, during which it will be possible to explore different professional areas of the Group and get involved through job rotations of 12 months each, one of which is international

A tailor-made program designed around participants' passions, interests and professional desires. Together with the mentor and talent advisor it will be outlined a path where to express skills and bring a concrete impact to the Group. The program includes also cross-functional projects at different Facilities to expand new networks and gain new knowledge. 

The steps of the experience

A unique training path

Programma Graduate Intesa Sanpaolo

This Graduate Program offers the opportunity to participate in a training program of one of Italy's leading business schools, that will allow participants to discover and deepen some topics related to the world of finance, designed also for those who have not done training in this area.

In addition, there are courses aimed at developing of strategic soft skills.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for people:

  • visionary: they dream big, live the present with passion but without setting themselves limits, and are determined to have a rapid and challenging growth path;
  • flexible: they seek change, innovation and contexts in which to continuously learn;
  • courageous: they want to put themselves on the line and are ready to begin a professional journey, including to international destinations;
  • creative: they think outside the box and outside established roles, in complete freedom;
  • open-minded: they prefer dynamic, interactive and spontaneous workplaces to collaborate creatively with colleagues.

The selection process

A multi-step selection process: to enter the next step, you must pass the previous one. The selection will take place in English, alternating digital steps with in-person moments.

The career path at the end of the program

Graduate Program Intesa Sanpaolo

At the end of the program, participants will take on a specific role in one of the professions of the future, thanks to the exceptional experience gained over the three years. It will be always possible to count on the help of mentors and talent advisors to identify the profession most in line with aptitudes and passions, choosing from the following areas:

Business Intesa Sanpaolo

Working in the heart of Intesa Sanpaolo. From Asset Management to Corporate & Investment Banking, from Insurance to Private Banking or Retail Banking.

Digital e Tech Intesa Sanpaolo
Digital, Tech & Data Management

Working in the Group's IT Area to be a key player in our digital transformation and get involved in different roles for the development of a highly sought-after and value-adding professionalism for the company. 

Governance Intesa Sanpaolo

An area full of diverse opportunities where it's possible to bring innovative contributions. You can choose between Audit, Risk, Compliance & Legal, Lending & Finance, Accounting & Controlling, HR, Organization & Facility Management, and Marketing & Communication.

Job_Families_posizioni aperte_Intesa Sanpaolo
Apply to the Program

A unique opportunity to experience different professions and find the role and area best suited to one's skills and needs.


Here are some questions you might have about International Graduate Program...


The International Graduate Program

What do the job rotations consist of?

Those who join the program will do three job rotations, of one year each, designed in a logic of specialized professional development. You will have the opportunity to work in a different Intesa Sanpaolo facility each year, and one rotation will be international

Will job rotations take place only in Milan and Turin?

Flexibility is an important requirement for joining our International Graduate Program: job rotations will be domestically but also abroad. 

Who decides my job rotations?

Throughout the course you can count on the help of a mentor and a talent advisor who will help you identify the path best suited to your aptitudes and passions.

Will the training be performed in presence?

Your training program in Finance and all courses dedicated to you will be conducted both in-person and remotely. Details of how to use them will be communicated to you when you join the program.

What happens at the end of the program?

At the end of the program, when job rotations are over, you will have acquired a specialization in a job of the future and will continue your path in one of the Group's three areas: Business, Digital Tech & Data Management, and Governance

Are training paths provided?

Yes, there is an exclusive training course provided through collaboration with one of Italy's leading business schools

What kind of contract is provided?

The International Graduate Program provides the open-ended contract from the beginning.

Program Requirements

How often are applications opened?

SLAM, the new International Graduate Program of Intesa Sanpaolo, is an exclusive and professional selection program which takes place once a year.

Is a specific master’s degree required to apply?

No, the International Graduate Program is open to recent graduates with excellent, cross-disciplinary profiles, who come from any faculty.

I have no background in finance. Can I still apply?

The International Graduate Program is open to recent graduates of any faculty. During the program you will participate in an exclusive training program, in collaboration with a leading business school, where you will also gain skills and knowledge in finance. 

Can I apply even if I am still a college student or have a bachelor’s degree?

Given the type of full-time contract and the preparation that the International Graduate Program requires, you must have already earned at least a master's degree to apply.

Is English proficiency a requirement to participate in the program?

Yes, the English language will accompany you along the way, and we will select people with an excellent level of English proficiency. The selection process will also be conducted exclusively in English.

Is the Graduate Program also dedicated to recent graduates without previous work experience?

Certainly. Any work experience or any first/second level master's degree will be positively evaluated during the selection process, but they are not binding.

Selection Process

How can I apply to join the International Graduate Program?

The first step is to register your profile in the appropriate section of the Career Site: you can enter your personal information and upload your CV. Once registration is complete, you can go to the Graduate Program page and submit your application. 

I have already submitted applications for other positions. Can I apply for this program as well?

Yes, if you meet all the requirements you can also apply for the International Graduate Program.

If you have already started a selection process for a position in the Group or are about to start it, you will not be able to participate in this selection.

How can I check the status of my application?

In the "my profile" section you can find in the "submitted applications" space the selection status of all the applications you have made.

Also for this program you can check the tracking of your selection and the outcome of the steps.

I have sent the application. What are the next steps in the selection process?

Once you submit your application, if your profile meets the requirements, we will involve you in the successful selection steps: a psychometric test, a digital video interview, an English test, and a contest day. To enter each selection step, it is necessary to have passed the previous step.

What does the Contest Day consist of?

On this day you will work in teams on solving a business case, meet our managers and get all the information about the International Graduate Program. More information will come as the selection process continues.

Only people who have passed all the previous selection steps will attend the contest.

Will I get feedback if I won’t pass one of the steps?

Certainly, all candidates will receive feedback, both positive and negative, at the end of each step of the selection process.

I have not been admitted to the International Graduate Program and cannot find an open position of interest to me. Can I send an unsolicited application?

You can make your CV available to recruiters by creating an account on our Career Site. This will allow recruiters to consult it and possibly call you back if there is an open position right for you. With your account you can also activate job alerts on professional fields and geographic locations of your interest, which you will receive at a frequency defined by you.

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