Suppliers Portal

The Procurement Head Office Department, in charge of procurement in the area defined by the relevant guidelines and rules, oversees the purchasing process, guaranteeing the regularity and consistency of purchases by observing the relevant policies and internal regulations, also through an e-sourcing application called Supplier Gate, that:

  • allows the selection of suppliers already in the Process of Registration at Supplier Gate through an assessment that takes into account not only the economic-financial and technical-organizational characteristics of each supplier, but also includes investigations into the ethics of the business, respect for human rights, workers' rights and the environment. Only if the result of this assessment is positive, suppliers are registered with the Group Suppliers Master and can be invited to the acquisition events;
  • allows to equates the market comparisons (cd. Races) - already managed on the Suppliers Portal - also the acquired events related to Direct Negotiations strengthening the qualification process, the verification of suppliers/subcontractors and third parties and the controls/monitoring of them over time.

During 2021, preliminary analyses were launched for the optimisation of the survey and the development and adoption of an ESG scoring for suppliers, with the aim of strengthening the application of ESG variables in the selection, qualification and management of the pool of suppliers, in line with the Group’s ESG strategy.

In order to ensure greater transparency, regularity and fairness in the verification, control and monitoring of all counterparties of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group with respect to Purchasing, the automation of the process of qualifying Suppliers and Third Parties registered on the Supplier Portal was completed in 2019. The computerisation of the qualification process has also made it possible to continuously monitor all the positions in question accurately and punctually, also with the aim of contributing to the strengthening and efficiency of control and due diligence. 

With regard to the checks carried out on suppliers and third parties, when registering with Supplier Gate the counterparty fills in a compulsory questionnaire on social and environmental responsibility issues providing supporting documentation. This must be updated at least once a year. This procedure makes it possible to exclude suppliers and third parties that do not satisfy the minimum requirements of the system a priori, and to monitor suppliers regarded as suitable, who are given a rating. The procedure makes it possible to assign a social and environmental responsibility rating (which will be replaced by the ESG scoring referred to above) which can influence the choices behind the selection of the best suppliers to be involved in procurement events, in relation to specific company requirements.

The Supplier Portal has allowed a constant and considerable improvement in communication with suppliers and an increase in the degree of transparency of the relationship with them; suppliers already take a view of the Organization, Management and Control Model under D. lgs. 231/2001, of the Code of Ethics and the Group Internal Code of Conduct and the Portal also requires their contextual subscription for viewing of this documents.


Total number of suppliers - perimeter Suppplier gate  
Italy and abroad  7,352
With registered office in Italy 4,237
With registered office in Europe (not in Italy) 2,937
With registered office in the rest of the World 178
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