Financial inclusion of vulnerable people

Support of people in vulnerable conditions is offered through projects and initiatives aimed at the fair allocation of resources by identifying actors within the territory with whom agreements and synergies can be developed that will make access to credit easier for vulnerable individuals or those who would otherwise have no access to banking.

High social impact initiatives

In the new 2022-2025 Business Plan, Intesa Sanpaolo made a commitment to disburse 25 billion euro of social lending throughout the whole period and in 2022 the Group disbursed new loans for about 9 billion euro, equal to 11% of all loans disbursed (excluding loans linked to the COVID-19 emergency and lending for urban regeneration purposes). The Bank has thus contributed to creating business and employment opportunities and to helping people in difficulty through various forms, as provided for in the new Plan: anti-usury loans; products and services for associations and bodies in the Third Sector; products dedicated to the most vulnerable social groups to promote their financial inclusion; loans to support populations affected by calamitous events; other social loans.

The Group is also committed to supporting credit for urban regeneration with a dedicated programme through investments in hospitals, smart mobility, broadband networks and education, sustainable infrastructure and services: during the year, commitments of approximately 616 million euro were made. The commitment of Intesa Sanpaolo to these initiatives envisages development that takes account of the evolution of the Real Estate sector and that makes use of strategic initiatives open to the contribution from industrial and institutional investors, Tier 1 operators in the real estate sector, national credit agencies and supranational bodies, in order to help amplify the economic, environmental and social impact of urban regeneration through investments and partnerships.

Fund for Impact

To support the provision of loans to categories of customers with credit access difficulties despite their potential.

Vulnerable people

Offers reserved for families, young people, the elderly, people affected by natural disasters and the management of remittances.

Social lending

    Intesa Sanpaolo Group (excluding UBI Banca Group) ISP+UBI* Intesa Sanpaolo Group 
Social lending: loans disbursed [K euro]** 2020 2020 2021 2022
Anti-usury loans   1,305 0 1,305 7,130 14,661 0 14,661 3,202 0 3,202
Loans to the Third Sector   470,976 0 470,976 522,613 466,387 0 466,387 338,724 0 338,724
Products for vulnerable social groups 4,280,170 267,240 4,547,410 4,890,282 5,499,202 292,955 5,792,157 7,618,587 98,638 7,717,225
Support for people hit by disastrous events 162,730 0 162,730 196,731 444,677 0 444,677 530,529 0 530,529
Other social loans   6,027 77,898 83,925 83,925 10,023 87,218 97,241 328,543 56,812 385,356
Total   4,921,207 345,138 5,266,345 5,700,681 6,434,950 380,173 6,815,123 8,819,585 155,451 8,975,035

Starting from 2022, the table incorporates some changes by virtue of the Rules for the classification of sustainable credit products and lending transactions approved by the Group during the year. Specifically: the category “Loans to the Third Sector” only includes loans disbursed by the Third Sector network; the category ‘‘Other social loans’’ includes subsidised loan disbursements.

* The UBI Banca Group figures are only included as from the date of its consolidation into the Intesa Sanpaolo Group (last 5 months of 2020).

** Excluding loans linked to the COVID-19 emergency and lending for urban regeneration purposes.

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