How to apply for assistance

The applications for funding can be submitted only by officially recognised, non-profit organisations located in Italy the adopt procedures (including accounting methods) that allow for the monitoring of effective consistency between stated goals and results achieved, as well as entities that prepare audited financial statements.

Donations are not available to individuals or the following categories of entities:

  • entities involved in high-profile legal disputes, in matters relating to organised crime or a failure to respect human rights, peaceful coexistence or environmental protection*;
  • recreational associations;
  • Service clubs such as the Lions, Rotary Club, etc.;
  • trade unions and social assistance agencies;
  • political parties or movements and their organisational units;
  • Regional, provincial or municipal governmental authorities, except for specific initiatives with particular social, cultural or scientific importance.

Projects applying for donations must adhere to the guidelines published on this website. Sustainable activities do not include initiatives with commercial or promotional value for the Bank or the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. Any initiatives that receive sponsorship cannot also be beneficiaries of donations at the same time.

A rotation system ensures the widest and most flexible use of the Fund and, in particular, a maximum limit of three consecutive years in support of the same project. It is to be understood that, in the case of multi-year projects which are approved and financed only for the first year, resubmitting the application in each of the following years will be required.

The applications are divided into:

  1. LOCAL DONATIONS, for sums * up to 5,000 euro;
  2. CENTRAL DONATIONS, for sums over 5,000 euro.

* the sum refers to the sum requested from the Fund

Applications should be submitted by clicking here: Submit an application.

In the event a problem should arise in completing the online application, please visit the FAQ section or send an email for any clarification to the following address: fondobeneficenza@intesasanpaolo.com.

Applications can be submitted throughout the whole year. Those interested in submitting an application are invited to do so preferably by the end of September to allow sufficient time for the evaluation process and preliminary checks. It should be noted that projects will not be chosen on a “first come, first served” basis, but on the basis of their social impact potential.

The entities will receive a reply on the outcome of their applications.

For central donations, twelve months at most after the payment, the entity must submit a report form stating the initiatives carried out and the results achieved, complete with a summary of expenses and attached copies of all the receipts.


* To this end the applicant entity must supply self-certification of conformity to integrity requirements stated in the application form - if a false statement is made, the entity will be subject to the loss of funding and subsequent reimbursement of the sums unduly received, as set out in Article 8 paragraph 3.