How to apply for a donation

Before submitting a donation request, organizations are invited to read the Regulations and the Guidelines.

We kindly inform the organizations that proposals for medical research projects to be implemented in the current year will be taken into consideration only if they are received by the month of May.

Who can submit a request

Requests for donations can be presented only by non-profit organisations, duly constituted in accordance with the law and registered in a public register. The organisations must have their headquarters in Italy. Even for entities that draw up certified financial statements they must have procedures, including accounting, which allow an easy verification of the consistency between the objectives stated and those actually pursued.

Disbursements are not foreseen for individuals or the following organisations:
  • organizations involved in known legal disputes, in matters involving organized crime and violations of human rights, peaceful coexistence and environmental protection*;
  • recreational groups;
  • service clubs such as Lions, Rotary, etc;
  • trade unions and patronage organisations;
  • political parties, political movements and their organizational structures;
  • regions, Provinces or Municipalities, except for specific initiatives of particular social, cultural or scientific importance.

* In this regard, the requesting organization must provide a self-certification of the honourability requirements included in the request forms. In case of a false declaration, the benefits will be forfeit and sums unduly received will be returned, applying the Art. 8 paragraph 3.

The projects for which a donation is requested must be consistent with the indications published on this site. The commercial and promotional initiatives of the Bank and the Group are excluded. Sponsored initiatives cannot, at the same time, be the beneficiaries of donations.

There is a rotation mechanism that guarantees the widest, most varied and flexible use of the Fund and the maximum limit is three consecutive years for the same project. It is understood that, in the case of multi-year projects initially approved and financed only for the first year, it will be necessary to resubmit the request for subsequent years.


Submit your project

The requests are divided into:

  1. LOCAL DONATIONS, maximum amount* €5,000;
  2. CENTRAL DONATIONS, amount* over €5,000.

*  the amount refers to the contribution requested to the Fund

Submit your project

A few simple steps to submit your project 
(*italian only)




For central donations, at the end of the project, there is an obligation to return a reporting form of the activities carried out and the results obtained, including the summary of expenses and copies of all the expense receipts. As regards local donations, a sample report may be requested at the end of the project including a report on the activities carried out and a copy of the expense receipts. 

In order to report correctly, please follow the instructions in the appropriate guide.

Non profit testimony