Students and graduates

If you are about to finish or you have just finished your studies, at Intesa Sanpaolo you can find a rich offer of internships to start your professional career or full time positions to continue growing with us.

Students and graduate's opportunities

Choose the professional area that inspires you the most and discover its open positions.

Level up with our new International Graduate Program

Do you dream of an exclusive, highly educational professional experience that allows you to travel abroad

The new International Graduate Program is dedicated to excellent recent graduates from any university faculty, to identify the possible Leaders of our future
Thanks to this program you can start a path to discover your potential through three job rotations in different areas of the Group, one of which is international

Intesa Sanpaolo's Internship

At Intesa Sanpaolo we believe that the internship is an important training moment for the development of your skills and that it will allow you to learn and know a profession: you will have the daily support of a tutor but you can also get involved in some activities assigned to you.

By undertaking this type of experience in the Group, you will come into contact with a network of professionals who will support you and will be at your disposal for constructive moments of confrontation. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work in a team on multiple projects, learning a lot from others too.

Write your thesis with us

In Intesa Sanpaolo you would have multiple issues to analyze for your degree thesis.

You can send us your request and we will evaluate, on a case-by-case basis, the most suitable method and type of support: from targeted reporting of sources and materials, to specialist support, with the possible possibility of interfacing with business professionals.

To forward your request you can write to info.tesi@intesasanpaolo.com

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