Fund for charitable, social and cultural contributions


In keeping with a longstanding tradition, Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.'s Articles of Association provide for the allocation, through the “Fund for charitable, social and cultural contributions", of a share of the distributable profits to supporting projects concerning solidarity, social welfare and value of people.
The Fund management and use methods are governed by Regulations approved by the Bank's Board of Directors in a transparent manner and consistently with the commitments set out in the Intesa Sanpaolo Group Code of Ethics. These principles are aimed at sharing with the community attention to the person as well as human rights, economic and social solidarity, sustainable development, environmental protection and support to culture.
In the choice of sectors and projects, special attention is paid to the guiding values and merit of the initiatives and the importance of the social needs to be tackled.
The activities are carried out according to transparent and accountable methods, adopting procedures that avoid any possible conflicts of personal or business interests.
Steps are taken to guarantee that the donations made are free from any commercial interests.

Governance and staff

Chairman of the Board of Directors


The Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo's Board of Directors takes care to the overall management of the Fund.
His duties include the preparation, with a two-year horizon, of the Guidelines on social and cultural initiatives supported by the Group, with the support of the Managing Director and CEO and a Technical-Scientific Committee. The Guidelines, which identify goals, strategic priorities and key issues, are approved by the Board of Directors and are implemented in a Two-Year Plan of which the Chairman ensures the implementation and monitoring through the Chairman's Technical Secretariat.
The Chairman also authorises central donations (amount over 5,000 euro) within the limits under his responsibility.
He reports on the Fund management to the shareholders' meeting and the public through the Bank's website and in the Consolidate Non-financial Statement.

Chairman’s Technical Secretariat 


The Chairman’s Technical Secretariat of the assists the Chairman in drafting the Guidelines, and in planning, organisation and monitoring of the Charity Fund's initiatives.
 It develops the Two-Year Plan, which interprets the Guidelines in actionable terms.
It reviews requests, carrying out checks on the applicant entity, considering the track record of the applicant to ascertain the probability of success, performing an ex-ante impact assessment of projects, and passing on requests for authorisation. Following approval, it monitors the supported projects.
It coordinates the philanthropic activities of and the Group’s international Subsidiary Banks.

Banca dei Territori Division


The Banca dei Territori Division supervises local donations (amount of up to 5,000 euro) which are granted through the Regional Governance Centres.
The Regional Governance Centres examine donation requests for up to 5,000 euro related to projects in their own regions, carrying out checks on applicant entities and their initiatives, and tracking down all necessary documentation. If an application is deemed worthy, these Centres authorise the donations.

Types of donations

The donations are categorised, on the basis of the contribution requested, as:


  • "Local donations" (up to a maximum of 5,000 euro), which are mainly directed to the support of projects and initiatives with a direct local impact developed for the local community. They are managed and authorised in a decentralised manner by the Banca dei Territori Division through the Regional Governance Centres;
  • "Central donations" (for amounts over 5,000 euro, up to a maximum of 500,000 except for particular cases). These support large-scale projects with significant social value; they are managed by the Chairman’s Technical Secretariat and authorised by the Chairman, following a precise procedure which is outlined in the Fund Regulations.


Regulations (Extract)   
Regulations (Extract)   
Statement of Donations 2019  
Donations 2019 (> 5,000 euro)  
Donations 2019 (< 5,000 euro)