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From support for talent to preserving our cultural heritage, and from sustainable development to social responsibility: find out more about the Group’s main projects and activities.




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Responsible Water Stewardship in the circular economy

Explore the impact of water stress, the role of water stewardship in the circular economy, and strategies for conservation, reuse, and regeneration. Watch our video.

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A food system that’s kinder to the planet

Regenerative agriculture is moving from the fringes to the mainstream – bringing promises of improved soil health, better-quality produce and lower emissions

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Regenerative agriculture

Circular Agents: Laboratory for the circular economy

Circular Agents, the free Civic Education course aimed at lower secondary schools in Lombardy, ended on May 21st. 

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Solutions to eliminate E-waste for circular economy

We are fast creating a new pollution problem: E-waste. The system for consumer electronics has to stop, watch the film to find out how a circular economy can help. Find more.

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Next To You: Aliseo's project against youth alcohol abuse

With the Aliseo Association, Intesa Sanpaolo's Charity Fund promotes educational interventions on alcohol abuse among young people. Learn more.

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Team Associazione Aliseo Onlus

Future of payments beyond borders opens new doors for banking

The payments space in Europe is being redesigned to be safer and more convenient, and to generate more opportunity. Find out more.

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Bebe Vio's non-profit organisation promoting inclusion through sport

Bebe Vio founded art4sport in 2009, putting into action her desire to transform our society for the better. Find out more.

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art4sport with Bebe Vio

Gallerie d'Italia: a journey into art

Gallerie d’Italia in Milan, Naples, Turin and Vicenza.

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Gallerie d'Italia - Martirio di Sant'Orsola

Milan Games Week, close to passions of people

The partnership with Milan Games Week, the most awaited event by gaming enthusiasts in Italy, is renewed in the name of fantasy.

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