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From support for talent to preserving our cultural heritage, and from sustainable development to social responsibility: find out more about the Group’s main projects and activities.




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Digitizing the banking professions

Internships and testimonials from Bank managers are planned to explore the evolution of the banking sector towards digitization. A new Intesa Sanpaolo and Politecnico di Torino collaboration as part of the recently signed Framework Agreement.

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Jannik Sinner & Intesa Sanpaolo

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Creating confidence in European supply chains

When China locked down its factories and ports early in 2020, the global flow of goods and components stuttered to a halt. The effect was temporary, but making supply chains more resilient and diversified has become a business priority.


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11 research and innovation projects at the University of Pavia

Thanks to the partnership between Intesa Sanpaolo, the Banca del Monte di Lombardia Foundation and the University of Pavia, 11 research projects assigned to young scholars will kick off. 

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A Christmas concert in Assisi 2012: Ennio Morricone

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Casa Sollievo Bimbi Paediatric Hospice

Intesa Sanpaolo and VIDAS for Casa Sollievo Bimbi Paediatric Hospice.

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Hospice Pediatrico Casa Sollievo Bimbi Intesa Sanpaolo e Vidas

Milan Games Week, close to passions of people

The partnership with Milan Games Week, the most awaited event by gaming enthusiasts in Italy, is renewed in the name of fantasy.

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