Italo Calvino, all at one point

The auditorium of the skyscraper once again echoes the most significant texts of the literary panorama of our country, interpreted by Italian artists. After the trilogy dedicated to the work of Natalia Ginzburg, Primo Levi and Fruttero & Lucentini, a new series of readings featuring Italo Calvino.

Calvino is a writer of adventures: adventures of characters and words, of ideas and images, of things and places. It will be a great joy to enjoy, in this Turin where he lived and worked for a long time, his terrestrial and extraterrestrial adventures, the hundred and one of his rampant baron’s exploits, the daring explorations of invisible and visible cities.

Three actors of our theatre – Filippo Timi, Peppe Servillo and Sonia Bergamasco – will perform some pages by Fruttero & Lucentini, chosen and commented by Domenico Scarpa.

Wednesday 6 March, 9:00pm
Filippo Timi reads Italo Calvino.
Terrestrial and extraterrestrial adventures
Introduction by Domenico Scarpa
From the collection Le cosmicomiche (Cosmicomics) a selection of science fiction tales dealing with humorous elements concerning universe, space, time and evolution.

Wednesday 13 March, 9:00pm
Peppe Servillo reads Italo Calvino.
Il barone rampante (The baron in the trees)
Introduction by Domenico Scarpa
The story told takes on fairy-tale connotations, thus proposing the key to the interpretation of reality – typical of this phase of Calvino’s production – between realism and fantasy.

Wednesday 20 March, 9:00pm
Sonia Bergamasco reads Italo Calvino.
Citta visibili e invisibili (visible and invisible cities)
Introduction by Domenico Scarpa
The tension between essence and existence, between the idea and the realization of the idea, gives rise to a conflict that the city must overcome in order to be livable.

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