Attention to people

The success of our Bank, which is the main private employer in the country, is inextricably linked, also in view of the forthcoming challenges, to the quality and professionalism of the people who work there with competence and enthusiasm.

Paola Angeletti, Chief Operating Officer

Main objectives and results

4.6 m training hours

objective 50 million hours of training in the 2022-2025 period

Enhancement female talent

Women managers 39% of managerial staff

Over 100 talents trained

within the International Talent Program, which is still ongoing for another 200 resources

Diversity Management initiatives

Orientation of long-term absentees

3,000 managers

assessed with KPI related to commitments on gender equality, objective ensure diversity and inclusion

Health and safety management system

UNI ISO 45001:2018 Certifications: in all branches and buildings in Italy

Attention to people: discover all the objectives and the results

2022-2025 Business Plan: results as at 30 June 2022
2022-2025 Business Plan
Description Achievement as at 30 June 2022 (where not specified) 

Provide Group's people with excellent training on critical skills for the digital and ecological transition, investing in the most advanced learning technologies

50m hours of training in the 2022-2025 period


4.6m hours of training were provided
Talent development "Leader del futuro" (Future leader) programme aimed at 1,000 talents and key people at Group level Over 100 talents have already completed their training within the International Talent Program, which is still ongoing for another 200 resources
430 key people identified among Middle Management for dedicated development and training initiatives
Enhancing Diversity & Inclusion

50% of women in new appointments to senior positions (1-2 organisational levels from Managing Director and CEO)

Promotion of an inclusive environment that is open to diversity thanks to a series of dedicated initiatives and a focus on gender equality

Set-up and launch of the commitment monitoring as defined in the new Plan regarding appointments to senior positions

Update of the HR Guidelines dedicated to supporting social transition; special training dedicated to the Personnel Functions on the issue of social transition

Orientation of long-term absentees: communication and awareness-raising initiatives on the topic of parenting; launch of an internal brochure aimed at Managers and HR Management to support long-term absentees, in synergy with the process dedicated to the return of personnel who were on leave during the pandemic period for medical and health reasons

Continuation of the initiatives to enhance female talent: Female Leadership Acceleration, Empowerment al Femminile, Riprendiamo il Filo, Young Women Empowerment Program and #InspirinGirls, created in collaboration with ValoreD

  ESG criteria in annual incentive system The annual incentive system of the CEO and other 3,000 Managers, in line with 2021, in the context of the Performance Scorecard, includes the assignment of the Group's transversal "Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)" KPI, assessed both at Group level (in terms of inclusion of ISP in the sustainability indexes) and at Governance Area/Division level (in terms of achievement of the Diversity & Inclusion commitments and specific projects/initiatives) and to which a weight of 15% is assigned
Welfare and people care

Large-scale application of the Next way of working model (hybrid: physical/remote) ensuring maximum flexibility for all Group's people 

Large-scale employee wellbeing and health and safety initiatives 

New tools for work planning and for employee attendance were released 

Approximately 1,800 accesses to Consultation and Support service

Over 137,000 subscribers to all Group Funds (Over 11 billion euro of assets)


Protecting Group's people health and safety Adoption of occupational health and safety management systems in line with the best international standards and investments in training

The certification attesting to the conformity of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System with the UNI ISO 45001:2018 standard, which covers 100% of the Intesa Sanpaolo branches and buildings in Italy, was confirmed 

24,570 participants in health and safety training; 111,097 hours provided

Positive labour relations People acting as an enabling factor, including by means of a meaningful discussion with trade union representatives 
76.9% in Italy (credit agreement) 
24 signed trade union agreements (204 since 2018)
Objectives and results: 2018-2021 Business Plan
2018-2021 Business Plan targets
Description Achievement (data as at 31/12/2021, where not specified)
Enhancement of people
46 million hours of training in the 2018-2021 period 46 m hours of training since 2018, of which 12.8m hours in 2021
Percorsi di crescita per persone destinate a incarichi manageriali
Development of the International Talent Program, with the aim of 500 talents involved by 2021
Over 320 employees involved since the Program began
Promote diversity and inclusion
Promote an inclusive environment with a high rate of diversity of gender, age, cultural and professional background 

Female management staff 38.8% of the management staff and 28.7% of the total women

Initiatives realized:
• The Rules for the fight against sexual harassment have been issued, with the provision of a compulsory course aimed at all the people of the Group (Italy perimeter)

• The Diversity & Inclusion Principles have been implemented abroad

• Obtained the GEEIS - Diversity Certification

• KPI dedicated to the enhancement of female talent included in the performance assessments of over 2,100 managers 

• D&I training plan aimed at different targets on topics such as: aging, female empowerment, sexual harassment, neurodiversity, emotional orientation, parenting, disability, etc.

Promotion of welfare and work-life balance Offer of smart working (24,000 people), supplementary pension and supplementary health fund

Smart working target more than achieved as a result of the Covid-19 emergency (78,000 people at the end of 2021)

Over 121,000 subscribers to all Group Funds (approx. 12 billion of assets)

€152m of intermediate healthcare services net of excesses, with over 210,000 people assisted

Over 1,700 accesses to the free psychological support "Ascolto e Supporto" activated during the pandemic

Protecting Group employee health and safety  Adoption of occupational health and safety management systems aligned with the best international standards and invest in training

UNI ISO 45001: 2018 certified Health and Safety Management System for 100% of Intesa Sanpaolo branches and buildings in Italy

37,046 participants in health and safety training with 195,500 hours provided

Mantain positive labour relations 
Significant confrontation with trade union representatives

77.3% employees belonging to a trade union

62 signed trade union agreements (180 since 2018)

Latest news

First major Italian banking group certified for gender parity

The Group has obtained the certification for gender parity laid down by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), thanks to its commitment to matters of diversity and inclusion.


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First Bank in Europe in the Refinitiv Global Diversity and Inclusion Index

Intesa Sanpaolo is the first bank in Europe, the second at global level and the only Italian bank among the 100 most inclusive and diversity-aware workplaces according to the Refinitiv Global Diversity and Inclusion Index

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Insights into the world of people by Intesa Sanpaolo

Documents and indicators

Documents relating to reporting about Group's people are available below.

Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2021:
Employment protection
Retentation, enhancement, diversity and inclusion of the Group's people
Health, safety and well-being of the Group's people
People Indicators - pdf
People Indicators - excel
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2021:
People Indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2020:
People Indicators - pdf
People Indicators - excel
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2020:
Employees Indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2019:
Employees Indicators
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