The objectives that Intesa Sanpaolo has set itself can only be attained through a high level of professionalism and the conscious motivation of the people who work at the Bank. Employees are a crucial resource for the growth of our Group because they are the first to bear witness to our values, providing customers with outstanding products and services and maintaining relationships of mutual trust.

"We acknowledge the possibility for all employees to express individuality and creativity in their job, and we bring out the best in each of them. This gives us a thrust towards innovation and provides an essential contribution to the growth of the Group."

Code of Ethics


Employees: our main resource

The Business Plan 2018-2021, in line with the previous one, identifies the Group's people as one of the decisive factors for the consolidation and further development of the Bank. 

People of Intesa Sanpaolo, thanks to their professionalism, their different skills and their growth paths, together with an important technological investment initiated to be ready for the digital challenge, continue to ensure excellence in the quality of customer service and the full realization of the Plan's objectives.  

The centrality of the Group's people goes through the full protection of workers' rights, with particular regard to the development of industrial relations and the defence of employment, the enhancement of staff, promoting their training, concrete development policies and the enhancement of a modern and integrated system of corporate welfare. In addition, Intesa Sanpaolo has long adopted a System of Health and Safety on Work in accordance with the most advanced international standards and, in 2020, integrated it to cope with the epidemiological emergency caused by COVID-19.

The programmes adopted, also thanks to the numerous agreements signed with the trade unions, have enabled the effective protection of employment levels, including through vocational reskilling, as well as the introduction of the consolidation of many innovative contractual tools, able to promote the development of an effective corporate welfare system and a better work-life balance, even during the epidemiological emergency in place since March 2020.



Corporate welfare services developed for the Group’s employees to safeguard their well-being and security.

Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2020:
People Indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2020:
Employees Indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2019:
Employees Indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2019:
Employees Indicators
Employees Indicators
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