Generational change to meet the bank's challenges of the future

 Image depicting the new Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper in Turin, designed by Renzo Piano and certified LEED Platinum for sustainability.

Intesa Sanpaolo is implementing a generational change in leadership roles through a reorganization that enhances female talent and creates a mix of experienced and young managers to support innovation and tackle future challenges in the European banking sector.

We are revitalizing Intesa Sanpaolo with an organization that brings together young individuals in key roles and managers with a wealth of experience”.

Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo

Additional details on the reorganization

The new organization of Intesa Sanpaolo promotes diversity, innovation, and sustainability, preparing the bank to tackle future challenges.

Wealth Management Divisions

A new Wealth Management Divisions structure, led by Tommaso Corcos, will provide unified oversight of the wealth management businesses.

This structure includes the Divisions:

  • Insurance, headed by Virginia Borla.
  • Asset Management, led by Maria Luisa Gota.
  • Private Banking, led by Lino Mainolfi.

A "Fees & Commissions" Steering Committee, chaired directly by the CEO, will focus on monitoring, overseeing, and coordinating strategies to increase commissions revenues across all the Group’s Divisions.

Saverio Perissinotto will be chairman of Eurizon Capital SGR.

Chief Sustainability Officer

A newly established Chief Sustainability Officer governance area by Paola Angeletti, will incorporate:

  • Social impact activities currently distributed across various organizational units of the Group, with the creation of the Chief Social Impact Officer governance area, led by Paolo Bonassi.
  • A new "ESG Steering" unit dedicated to the strategic direction and monitoring of ESG issues.
  • Art, Culture and Historical Heritage structure.
  • Innovation Center.
  • Neva SGR.
Chief Governance, Operating and Transformation Officer

The new Chief Governance, Operating and Transformation Officer governance area, led by Nicola Maria Fioravanti, incorporates several Group governance areas:

  • Chief Transformation & Organization Officer area, led by Cristina Motta.
  • Chief People and Culture Officer area, headed by Roberto Cascella.
  • Chief Equity, Legal & M&A Officer area, led by Flavio Gianetti.

Paolo Maria Grandi will continue to support CEO Carlo Messina as a Senior Advisor.

International Subsidiary Banks Division

A new “ISBD Governance Coordination” area headed by Paola Papanicolaou has been established within the International Subsidiary Banks Division (ISBD) led by Marco Elio Rottigni.

  • Paola Papanicolaou also serves as Deputy Chief of the Division.
Chief Data, A.I. and Technology Officer

In the Chief Data, A.I., and Technology Officer governance area – headed by Massimo Proverbio – two coordination structures has been established:

  • “Group Technology Services”, led by Enrico Bagnasco.
  • “Isytech Evolution”, led by Tommaso Pellizzari.

Enrico Bagnasco and Tommaso Pellizzari will also serve as Deputy Chiefs.

Chief Financial Officer

The position of Chief Financial Officer is assigned to Luca Bocca, previously Deputy CFO.

Within this governance area, the newly-established

  • “Group Treasury & Capital Management” coordination structure will be led by Alessandro Lolli, who also becomes Deputy CFO.
  • Elisabetta Stegher has been appointed as Manager Responsible for Preparing the Company’s Financial Reports.

Stefano Del Punta will continue to support CEO Carlo Messina as a Senior Advisor.


The following individuals remain confirmed in their roles within structures not affected by the new organization:

Business Divisions

  • Stefano Barrese, Divisione Banca dei Territori.
  • Mauro Micillo, Divisione IMI & Corporate Investment Banking.

Governance Areas

  • Davide Alfonsi, Chief Risk Officer.
  • Piero Boccassino, Chief Compliance Officer.
  •  Alfonso Guido, Chief Cost Management Officer.
  • Stefano Lucchini, Chief Institutional Affairs and External Communication Officer.
  • Raffaello Ruggieri, Chief Lending Officer.
  • Claudio Testa, Chief Audit Officer.