Promoting innovation

Main objectives and results

Digital payment 136.8 m

vs 50.6m in 2021, 2025 target of 75m

New Isybank digital bank launched

completely released in June2023, in line with the target of the 2022-2025 Business Plan

201 innovation projects launched

2022-2025 target of 800

Commitment to innovation

2022-2025 Business Plan: 2022 results
2022-2025 Business Plan Objectives
Description Results as at 31.12.2022 (where not specified)
New Digital Bank Creation of a new Digital Bank to effectively serve a significant portion of ISP customers who do not visit branches: 4 million customers The setting up of the new Digital Bank Isybank Digital Bank well underway: "Domain Isy Tech" Delivery Unit is already operational with ~340 dedicated specialists targeted contract with Thought Machine and a defined technology masterplan

Definition of Isybank's offer structure and functionalities
Digital payments Further growth in the payments sector with strategic partnerships by increasing digital payments by 50% to around 75 million in 2025 from 51 million in 2021 136.8 million digital payments (~50.6 million in 2021)
Innovation projects Promotion of innovation with the launch of around 800 projects in 2022-2025 
Development of multidisciplinary applied research projects

201 innovation projects launched 

Development of multidisciplinary applied research projects, of which 14 ongoing projects in the artificial intelligence, robotics and neuroscience fields, 7 of which launched in 2022

NEVA SGR investments in startups Support to high-potential startups by providing nonfinancial services (e.g. acceleration programmes) and in connection/with the support of venture capital funds, also thanks to NEVA SGR: €100m of investments in startups in 2022-2025 Successful closing of fundraising for the Fondo Neva First (launched in 2020) and the Fondo Neva First Italia (launched in 2021) for a total of 250 million euro. During 2022 investments in startups amounted to >54 million euro. The Fondo Sviluppo Ecosistemi di Innovazione launched, aimed at supporting the development of innovation ecosystems: 15 million euro raised in 2022
Innovation ecosystems Development of international innovation ecosystems by coordinating the network of relationships with businesses, incubators, research centres, universities and other local and international organisations

Turin Ecosystem: the fourth class of the programme called “Torino Cities of the Future Accelerator”, managed by Techstars, was launched. Since its launch in 2019, 35 accelerated startups (11 Italian teams), over 30 proofs of concept with local stakeholders, ~51 million euro of capital raised, over 310 new resources hired after acceleration

Florence Ecosystem: the second class of the three-year programme “Italian Lifestyle Accelerator Programme”, managed by Nana Bianca, was launched. Since its launch in 2021, 6 accelerated Italian start-ups (over 210 candidates, 85% Italian), ~2 million euro of capital raised

Naples Ecosystem: the three-year acceleration programme “Terra Next” dedicated to the Bioeconomy and launched in 2022 continues, with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Cariplo Factory and local corporate and scientific partners and with the patronage of the “Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security”. 8 accelerated start-ups (~130 candidates, 83% Italian)

Venice Ecosystem: launched at the end of December 2022 the new threeyear programme “Argo” (Hospitality and Tourism) sponsored by Banca dei Territori and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, developed by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, LVenture and with the collaboration of the Italian Ministry of Tourism, aimed at 10 start-ups per year

Up2Stars Initiative: the first edition of the initiative developed by Banca dei Territori with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center has reached completion, based on 4 vertical pillars (Digital/Industry 4.0; Bioeconomy, focus on Agritech and Foodtech; Medtech/Healthcare; Aerospace). 40 accelerated start-ups (~490 candidates)

In Action ESG Climate: initiative promoted by the Insurance Division with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, to promote the development of new solutions to combat climate change and support ecological transition through technological innovation and the development of new business models, concluded with prizes awarded to the three best projects submitted with a total contribution of 500,000 euro

Blocking of fraudulent transactions Strengthening of cybersecurity ~38.5 million euro of fraudulent transactions blocked for retail customers and ~8 million euro for corporate customers
Hires in the tech domain Insourcing or reallocation to IT roles and high added values activities: ~2,000 new hires in the tech domain 504 employees hired in the tech domain
Training to Group personnel on cybersecurity Providing Group’s people with excellent training on critical skills for the digital transition 85,585 participants; 92,767 hours provided

The digital transformation of Intesa Sanpaolo continues with the launch of Isybank. This project is one of the pillars of the 2022-2025 Business Plan. This is a further step towards making our Group an example of best practice in the technological sphere as well. It is a break with the bank's past, which will enable it to be a leader on the European market in terms of operational efficiency and innovation in the service of its customers. At the same time, the digital competencies of the bank's core business continue to be reinforced decisively, with a focus on growth drivers, through significant investments in human capital and the development of a business model that has proven successful due to its diversification and resilience.

Carlo Messina, CEO

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