Promoting innovation

Commitment to innovation

Multichannel banking: 2021 results
2018-2021 Business Plan Targets
Description Achievement (data as at 31/12/2021, where not specified)
Expansion of the multichannel platform and digital transformation 70% of activities digitised by 2021 76% of activities digitised at the end of 2021 with 12.9 million multichannel customers, 8.1 million customers using the App, 3.6 million digital sales
Strengthening of innovation

Supporting the research of new solutions and new tools to grow and improve our society

Start-up Project: over 3,4200 start-ups evalueted, 600 selected start-ups introducing them to 6,150 selected investors and ecosystem players since 2018

The Group is a European leader for its mobile app functionalities and its strong digital solutions. In 2021, multi-channel customers increased by 1.3 million euro compared to 2020 (including UBI Banca and considering the sale of branches performed in the first half of 2021). Furthermore, compared to 2020, a strong increase, equal to 76%, was recorded in the sales of products on digital channels. Multichannel customers and digital sales also increased as a result of the particular context linked to the COVID-19 emergency.

  Intesa Sanpaolo Group (excluding UBI Banca Group)
ISP+UBI Intesa Sanpaolo Group (including UBI Banca Group)
Distribution channels and automation of operations: Italy
2019 2020 2020 2021
Multi-channel contracts (stock)*
9,171,390 10,304,258 11.525.906** 12,866,019
Multi-channel contracts (stock)/no. of customers*
78.4% 87.7% 82,8%** 96.2%
Bank transfers automation [%]
90.2 93.7 93.1 94.4
Securities automation [%]
66.4 85..1 84.2 85.2
Remote Banking: active contracts at date
211,645 198,876 511,151 237,721
Remote Banking: orders
139,179,355 127,246,358 149,404,348 142,582,424

* Monitoring of the 2018-2021 Business Plan is performed on customers of the Banca dei Territori Division. 
** Data recalculated considering the disposal of branches sold in 1H21.

2022-2025 Business Plan: objectives
  • Development of multidisciplinary applied research projects (e.g. AI, neuroscience, robotics) via collaboration with top-notch research centers, promoting technology transfer and spin-offs and creating intangible assets and intellectual property
  • Support to high-potential startups through non-financial services (e.g. acceleration programs) and the connection/support of venture capital funds, also thanks to NEVA SGR
  • Support to the development of innovation ecosystems with an international perspective, coordinating the network of relationships with corporates, incubators, R&D centers, universities, national and international institutions
  • Acceleration of business transformation and support to corporates’ long-term development (e.g. scouting new technologies) promoting de-risking and competitiveness through Open Innovation programs
  • Diffusion of innovation mindset/culture through events and new educational formats
  • Launch of around 800 innovation projects in 2022-2025 (~+70% vs 2018-2021 period)
  • Around €100 million investments of NEVA SGR in startups
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