Commitment to environment and climate

Main objectives and results

Net Zero objective - net emissions 0

own by 2030, in terms of loan and investment portfolios, asset management and insurance by 2050

88% renawable elecricity purchased

versus total purchases. In line with 2021 objective

3.200 t paper saved

Objective: responsiblie use of resources

Environmental protection and attention to climate change are key dimensions of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group's responsibility and the importance of this commitment is first of all reaffirmed in the group's values ​​and in the codes and rules that guide its way of operating.

Clear examples of this are the Code of Ethics, the Rules for the environmental and energy policy, the Guidelines for the governance of environmental social and governance risks (ESG) and, in order to support the transition to a low-carbon economy, also the Rules for the coal sector and the Rules for lending operations in the unconventional oil&gas sector.

Thanks to these foundations, the Bank is able to set up action plans and processes that allow it to manage its activities, environmental risks and related mitigation actions in an integrated and constructive way.

Environment and climate change: discover all the objectives and the results

2022-2025 Business Plan: results as at 30 June 2022
Plan Objectives for 2022-2025
Description Results as at 30 June 2022
(where not specified)
Containment of
CO2 emissions 

Net zero own emissions by 2030  through specific medium-long term actions aimed at reducing its consumption of natural gas, diesel oil and traditional electricity

Net Zero by 2050 with reference to both its own emissions and those relating to the loan and investment portfolios, for asset management and the insurance business

Scope1 + 2 *: 40,923 tCO2 eq (-14.8% vs 1H21)



The decreasing trend in CO2 emissions is attributable to the rationalisation of branches and buildings and to the energy efficiency actions implemented by the Group

Containment of energy consumption

100% renewable energy at Group level in 2030 (level already reached in Italy in 2021)

Maintenance of electricity production levels from photovoltaic energy

Renewable electricity purchased versus total purchases: 90.0% (88.4% in 1H21)


Electricity produced from renewable sources: 719 MWh (+0.1% vs 1H21)

Responsible management of resources Responsible use of resources

Paper purchased: 2,232 t (3,274 t in 1H21)

Environmentally-friendly paper purchased (including recycled paper) vs total: 82.8% (76.6% in 1H21)

Natural capital protection and restoration

Commitment to restoring and increasing natural capital with over 100 million trees planted, directly and with loans dedicated to corporate customers

Adoption of a specific policy on biodiversity

Launch of a project to develop a service focused on afforestation and reforestation activities in line with the Business Plan's commitment
Transition to a sustainable, green and circular economy

New lending to support the ecological transition: 76 billion euro's worth of loans in line with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (2021- 2026)

Customer support through the ESG/climate transition

8 billion euro dedicated to the circular economy

Continuous expansion of the range of S-loan products dedicated to SMEs to finance projects aimed at improving their sustainability profile 

24 billion euro of new lending disbursed in 2021 and 1H22 to support the ecological transition

Loans disbursed for the green and circular economy: 2.9 billion euro, of which 1.4 billion euro Green Mortgages

Circular economy credit plafond: 933 million euro disbursed in 1H22

 2.9 billion euro granted since launch, of which 1.5 billion euro in 1H22

* Market-based: the Scope2 data for purchased electricity considers the contribution, agreed contractually, of the guaranteed renewable source certificates, which therefore have zero emissions.

Objectives and results: 2018-2021 Business Plan
2018-2021 Business Plan targets
Description Achievement (data as at 31/12/2021, where not specified)
Transition to a sustainable, green and circular economy

Support the transition with dedicated financial instruments

Creation of a Plafond of 6 billion euro for credit to companies for circular economy projects

Sustainability Linked Loans (S-Loan) development with a reward mechanism for companies based on ESG KPIs

About €8.7bn loans disbursed for the Green and Circular Economy (11.2% of total loans, 2.9% in 2020)  

€5.5bn disbursed since the launch of the Plafond in 2019 

€1.3bn S-Loans disbursed since the launch in July 2020

Containment of CO2 emissions
Improvement of energy efficiency and use of renewable energies for the containment of emissions 

88% electricity from renewable sources on the total electricity purchased

-9.1%  electricity consumption vs 2020

-3.7% CO2 emissions vs 2020 (- 40% vs 2012 including UBI)

Responsible management of resources Responsible use of resources

Purchased paper: -11.7% vs 2020

ISO 14001 and 50001 certified scope: 100% of Intesa Sanpaolo branches and buildings in Italy

New Headquarters: Green Building Council LEED certification - Platinum level - in the sustainable building management category

(1) The 2020 figures were redetermined to include the UBI Banca Group for the entire year.

Latest news

Insights into environmental challenges

ESG Transition

A wide and various offer of financing and consulting products, attentive to the protection of the environment around us.

Documents and indicators

Documents relating to environmental reporting and information relevant to the investors are available below.

Bond issued in August 2022:  
Green, Social and Sustainability Bond Framework - June 2022
Second Party Opinion ISS - June 2022
Investor presentation 
Press note
Climate Change Action Plan 
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2021:
Transition to a sustainable, green and circular economy
Climate Change
Environment indicators - pdf
Environment indicators - excel
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2021:
Environmental and Climate Change indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2020:
Environmental and Climate Change 
Environment indicators - pdf
Environment indicators - excel
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2020:
Environmental and Climate Change indicators
Green Bond Report 2021
Bond issued in March 2021:
Green, Social and Sustainability Bond Framework 
Second Party Opinion
Bond Investor Presentation
Press release
Bond issued in November 2019:  
Green Bond focused on Circular Economy Report - 2020
Press Release
Intesa Sanpaolo Sustainability Bond Framework
Second Party Opinion by ISS ESG 
Investor presentation
Bond issued in June 2017:
Green Bond Report 2020
Green Bond Report 2019
Green Bond Report 2018
Green Bond Framework
Green Bond Presentation
Green Bond Press Release
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