Research and Talent to generate Innovation

“Our commitment to promoting an innovative eco-system is a fundamental element in the growth and support of the country's economy. Indeed, innovation is an increasingly central factor in the development of Italian companies. Countries that focus on innovation generate higher GDP growth.”  


Carlo Messina - CEO and Managing Director of Intesa Sanpaolo

Support for research and cutting-edge technologies - Enhancement of talent

With the support of research and the enhancement of talent we intend to contribute to limiting the gap between innovation and skills necessary for the economic and social development of the country.
Our commitment to support research and the enhancement of talent is accomplished with the promotion of partnerships and initiatives aimed at accompanying deserving students to the world of work.

Support for scientific research

Scientific research enables men and women to be visionaries up-to-date who develop and build knowledge that profoundly changes their vision of things and of themselves.                                                
Scientific research is one of the main resources that allow a country to be competitive on an international level. Supporting it, working in synergy with universities and research centers, aims at generating a culture of knowledge and innovating for the benefit of the entire economic system and employment. It also aims at valuing our young researchers and giving substance to their expectations and hopes.

Partnerships and synergies for growth, innovation and transformation of the world of work

Support for Business Creation

Through many partnerships established with Italian universities, we contribute to implementing synergistic actions and initiatives to support the development of entrepreneurial ideas of students, recent graduates, researchers and technicians from the academic world. In addition, we promote development activities for start-ups, innovative spin offs in the territorial ecosystem and corporate open innovation projects.

Competence Center

"Advanced technologies, strong emphasis on partnerships with companies and universities, extensive synergies of resources: if the country builds a system around Competence Centers, Intesa Sanpaolo wants to be there!"

The Competence Centers are highly specialized public-private partnerships on Industry 4.0 issues that carry out orientation and training activities for companies as well as support in the implementation of innovation projects, industrial research and experimental development of new products, processes or services through technologies advanced. By taking part in the Competence Centers, Intesa Sanpaolo intends to push on the renewal of the technology transfer models necessary for SMEs in the transition to industry 4.0. In addition to being financial, participation is also realized through initiatives and training tools.
In the Competence Center, the Bank is an active partner of the economic system and the academic world, the Relations with Universities and Schools unit coordinates contacts with partner universities.                                                                
In Italy 8 Competence Centers are active or in activation, Intesa Sanpaolo participates in the Bi-rex , Smact and CIM 4.0 consortia.

Observatories and Trends

There are also many partnerships entered into with various academic observatories.
All of them allow us to contribute, with support and with our concrete expertise, to the development of areas and sectors considered strategic for the social and economic growth of the country.
In each of them, we accompany researchers in understanding and connecting phenomena. We do this because we are convinced that the signs of future changes can be found in the study and analysis of current phenomena and new development opportunities can be grasped in the sectors and areas of interest.

Ranking - the evaluation of the university system

The evaluation of the university system is one of the most relevant elements that impact on the reputation of a country. The presence of qualified and excellent universities stimulates new ideas, new opportunities for young people and for the reference territories and contributes to the social, economic and cultural development of the country. Universities - together with schools and companies - are the driving force for change, innovation and training of people and constitute the fulcrum of the territorial network of subjects that produce knowledge and create jobs.
The ranking is a synthetic judgment on a university that includes its ability to invest in the value of human resources, in the quality of the educational offer, in the governance of scientific, economic and social innovations. All highly reputational elements. The analysis of the university sector gives the figure of what a country wants to be and significantly guides the judgment on the future by its citizens and the international community.
Supporting the academic world in its path of modernization allows us to give back to the community part of the value created together, which is not limited only to the economic aspects but above all concerns the aspects more directly linked to people.