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Knowledge, research, innovation and entrepreneurship are crucial factors for the country's growth. This is why we want to train new entrepreneurs and guide them in interacting with other subjects to translate knowledge into the development and growth of their businesses.

Competence Center: knowledge, research, innovation and entrepreneurship

Today we are talking about the knowledge economy and the value chains that derive their humus from the ability that the knowledge has to evolve and translate into responses to the needs of the economy and society. These skills are research, innovation and entrepreneurship, essential factors for the development of the economy.

Knowledge is the basis of all human processes, it derives from the enhancement of people who with their skills and experiences enrich the areas in which they move. The research, guided by curiosity and the desire to scan unknown areas, renews and expands knowledge. Innovation and entrepreneurship combine the elements made available by research together making them concrete.

"In the current era, the knowledge, research and innovation triangle addresses issues on which the quality of life and respect for cultural diversity as a wealth for humanity depend."

Rita Levi Montalcini

Most Italian SMEs are aware that the interaction between knowledge, research and innovation allows them to open up to new technologies and face the challenges of digital transformation and allows them to free themselves from territorial and subjective visions.
In this context, to build economic recovery scenarios based on competitiveness and new and qualified employment, virtuous circles must be activated between SMEs, Universities and large enterprises. With the Industry 4.0 Plan, launched in 2015, the purpose was to design an infrastructure network of innovation and digital technology aimed at creating close interactions between research and business, training and work, innovation and territories.
The network revolves around two fundamental subjects:

- Competence Center - research and innovation centers linked to universities and businesses and capable of providing very high skills on advanced technologies;
- Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) - suppliers of services to businesses and to the various players in the digital innovation ecosystem.
In this model, SMEs also have the opportunity to be protagonists, drawing on technology, research, skills, made available by universities, research centers and large players, enhancing their characteristics of flexibility in adopting more modern production models close to markets.

Intesa Sanpaolo saw in this network a winning aggregation model, a reference structure for SMEs engaged in the path of change, growth and innovation. From the outset, we have wanted to be part of these networks of researchers, students, entrepreneurs, universities and businesses that together are dedicated to innovation in the collective interest. In fact, we are founding members of 2 Competence Center and we are still engaged in building partnerships and collaborations with the other starting poles.
With Bi-Rex - Competence Center of Bologna, focused on the Big Data theme - SMACT - Competence Center of Padua, focused on social, mobile, analytics, cloud e iot and CIM 4.0 - Competence Center in Turin, focused in technology, process and product maturation pathways that enhance digital and sustainable competitiveness - we are committed to supporting researchers and students from the universities involved and, at the same time, to be element of connection between them and associated entrepreneurs, between research, innovation and work.
Our commitment takes concrete form on many directives that intersect through the structure Relations with Universities and Schools:

- the training of entrepreneurs - formats, contents, tools and teaching experience provided by Intesa Sanpaolo Formazione, the Group company specialized in training dedicated to the growth of businesses;

- analysis and design of contexts - studies, research, trends and insights prepared by the Studies and Research Department, made available to students and entrepreneurs to help them understand and predict current and future development dynamics;

- future business models - assets and skills made available by our startup accelerator Innovation Center and its network of relationships based on and ready to accompany entrepreneurs on their growth and internationalization paths;

- specialist advice - financing, banking services, expertise and assistance to access European calls made available by our Banca dei Territori network.

The national Competence Centers have recently had an important recognition from the MISE which has nominated them as a continental benchmark to play an important role in the European Digital Innovation Hubs network

"... The Italian Competence Centers play a fundamental role in supporting Italian companies on a structured path towards digitization and technological innovation: bringing together public and private excellence represents our distinctive feature, through which we are able to provide the necessary skills and resources. The strategic partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo is configured as an important added value, especially with a view to strengthening and consolidating our position, not only at national level but also in Europe ... "

Stefano Cattorini, DG of Bi-Rex

The candidacy confirms the value of collaboration and synergies between universities, businesses and SMEs.

Partnerships with the Competence Centers allow us to keep together many values that we care about: support for study and research, development of innovation, social and economic growth of the territories.
Together with students and university researchers, with the background of other great players and the enthusiasm and courage of entrepreneurs, we work on today to improve tomorrow.


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