Our strategy

In February 2018, we presented our 2018-2021 Business Plan, in which solid, sustainable creation and distribution of value for all stakeholders remains a priority, confirming our Group’s position as the Italian market leader and its role as a real-economy bank devoted to helping households and businesses. Having already achieved Corporate Social Responsibility leadership, we are now focused on becoming the world’s first Impact Bank with a series of social and cultural initiatives that will make us a benchmark for society. 

Our Plan entails maintaining a very solid capital position and strong growth in sustainable profitability as we continue de-risking and increasing revenues. We also aim to contribute to global development by supporting our customers, promoting the development and well-being of people and communities and protecting the environment, which includes combating climate change.  

In a highly digitalised, fiercely competitive world, we will continue to achieve our objectives by leveraging our values and our mission and harnessing the proven track record of our results-based delivery machine.

We are capable of effectively meeting the complex challenges of the post-COVID-19 environment thanks to our solid capital base and significant liquidity, a resilient, well-diversified business model focused on Wealth Management & Protection, strategic flexibility in the management of operating costs and the pro-active management of non-performing loans. In the face of the dramatic health and social emergency that unfolded, we have continued to demonstrate the Group’s support for Italy .

Our strategic choices have also confirmed our position as one of the most solid banks in the world.

The 2018-2021 Business Plan Formula


Cost Reduction

Revenue Growth

Significant de-risking at no cost to shareholders

Cost reduction through further simplification of the operating model

Revenue growth capturing new business opportunities

#1 Bank in Europe for risk profile (CET1 Ratio, illiquid assets(*)

#1 Bank in Europe for efficiency (Cost/Income ratio)

#1 Bank in Italy for all banking products

European leader in Wealth Management & Protection

Many projects and initiatives for the:

  •  Establishment of a cutting-edge credit collection company
  •  Significant increase in the coverage of non-performing loans
  • Creation of “Pulse”, essential to the management of retail loans initially classified as non-performing
  •  Pro-active credit portfolio management

Many projects and initiatives for the:
  •  Voluntary exits and reskilling of resources
  • Optimisation of the distribution strategy
  • Optimisation of the real estate portfolio
  •  Reduction of legal entities
  •  Reduction in administrative costs
  • Creation of the Chief Cost Management Officer 

Many projects and initiatives for the:

  • Strong development of P&C insurance business, creating the #1 non-motor retail insurer in Italy
  • Consolidation of private banking leadership in Italy
  • Strengthening of product factories and wealth management distribution network for the retail and personal banking segments 
  •  Distinctive offer to drive the growth and profitability of SMEs and help Italian mid-corporate “champions” succeed internationally
  •  Increasing focus on global corporates and international investors



People and Digital as key enablers

Positive, tangible impact on society

Intesa sanpaolo as the driver of sustainable and inclusive development(*)

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Approximately 175 start-ups were analysed in 1Q21 (over 2,800 since 2018) in 2 acceleration programmes (activities switched online due to COVID-19) with 22 coached start-ups (over 410 since 2018), introducing them to selected investors and ecosystem players (~5,600 to date))

€6bn Circular Economy credit Plafond: ~€3.4bn already disbursed (~€1.2bn in 1Q21)

Green Bond issued in March 2021 for €1.25bn focused on green mortgages granted for the construction or the purchase of energy efficient properties (energy classification A and B); the order book exceeded €3.5bn

Two other Green Bonds issued in 2019 and 2017 for a total amount of €1.25bn (€750m Circular and €500m renewables and energy efficiency)

S-Loans – Launched an innovative solution for SMEs to finance and promote sustainable growth projects. The loans will have a reduced interest rate, subject to the annual monitoring of 2 ESG KPIs, which must be reported in the company’s annual report. Intesa Sanpaolo allocated a €2bn plafond: ~€390m granted in 1Q21 (~€520m since the launch of the initiative)


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Initiatives to alleviate child poverty and support people facing hardships, ahead of the Business Plan target and since 2018 have delivered:

  • ~17.7 million meals
  • ~1.1 million dormitory beds
  • ~224,000 medicine prescriptions
  • ~203,000 articles of clothing

Donated €100m to strengthen the National Health System through the Civil Protection Department across Italy

  • €1m allocated from the ISP Charity Fund to boost COVID-19 scientific research
  • €101bn suspension of existing mortgage and loan installments for families and companies (1st in Italy to launch the initiative before the regulation came into force)
  • €50bn in credit made available to support companies and professionals aimed at protecting jobs and managing payments during the emergency
  • €80m Programma Rinascimento, including impact loans to micro-enterprises and startups, for the recovery and to re-shape their business models for the post COVID-19 era

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Intesa Sanpaolo's “Giovani e Lavoro” program is underway, in partnership with Generation, to train and place 5,000 young people in the Italian job market over the next three years:

  • ~3,000 young people, aged 18-29, applied to the Program in 1Q21 (more than 18,000 since 2019)
  • ~300 students interviewed and ~100 students trained/in training through 4 courses in 1Q21 (more than 3,800 students interviewed and more than 1,500 students trained/in training since 2019)
  • ~1,500 companies involved since the beginning of the Program

P-Tech initiative, in partnership with IBM, aimed at training young professional in new digital skills: mentoring activities with 20 ISP “mentors” for 40 young professionals

Intesa Sanpaolo Fund for Impact launched in 4Q18 (~€1.5bn lending capacity).

"Per Merito", the first line of credit without collateral dedicated to university students residing in Italy, studying in Italy or abroad; €16.3m granted in 1Q21 (~€107m since beginning of 2019)

MAMMA@WORK: a highly subsidised loan launched in July 2020 to balance motherhood and work in their children’s early years of life (~€0.3m granted since the launch)

Two other initiatives to support working mothers in India and people over 50 who have lost their jobs or have difficulty accessing pension schemes

XME StudioStation launched in August 2020: loans to families to support distance learning (~€0.4m granted in 1Q21; ~€1.6m granted since the launch)

The Advanced "Management of Artistic-Cultural Heritage and Corporate Collections" Training Course, first edition of Gallerie d’Italia Academy, training program in heritage management addressed to young professionals, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture. 900 applications, 36 students, more than 60 teachers

Digital promotion of Tiepolo exhibition (Gallerie d’Italia Milan). Tiepolo becomes a virtual tour and an innovative immersive experience. Sotto un unico cielo: 7 videos on Tiepolo's masterpieces in Veneto and Friuli regions. From 30 October 2020 to 31 March 2021, the digital initiatives dedicated to Tiepolo on Gallerie d'Italia, ISP and Progetto Cultura websites recorded a total of 133,000 page views

The international edition of National Geographic magazine published 2 images (among a selection of 54 photos of the year from 1.7 million photos worldwide) part of "The COVID-19 Visual Project", the permanent archive that collects projects of important photographers, created by Cortona On the Move in collaboration with ISP. 95,000 views on Gallerie d’Italia social media channels and on LinkedIn and Amplify ISP

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The results for the first nine months of 2021 have confirmed Intesa Sanpaolo’s ability to respond effectively to the complexities brought about by the pandemic and have already made it possible to achieve the minimum net income of €4bn envisaged for full-year 2021

Emerging Trends                              Competitive advantages of the Group 
Increase in demand for health, wealth and business protection

Intesa Sanpaolo’s leadership in Wealth Management & Protection 


Expansion of the health insurance area with the acquisition of RBM Assicurazione Salute



Riskier environment

Effective proactive credit management (Pulse) and Group’s strategic partnerships with NPL leading industrial players


For the second consecutive year, the Bank has ranked first, among Italian corporates, in the “Cyber Resilience amid a Global Pandemic” competition organised by AIPSA (Italian Association of Corporate Security Professionals)

Customer digitalisation

Top positioning in Europe for mobile app functionalities 


Strong digital proposition, with around 12.5 million multichannel customers and around 7.8 million customers using the Intesa Sanpaolo App


Strategic partnership with Nexi in payment systems

Digitalisation at Intesa Sanpaolo 

Around 78,000 Group resources working remotely


Successful evolution towards a “light” distribution model with significant room for further branch reduction following the acquisition of UBI Banca, the Banca 5 - SisalPay (Mooney) strategic partnership, and changes in the behaviour of customers brought about by COVID-19 with most of them who will continue to be served by the Group via its high-quality alternative channels

Growing importance of sustainability and social responsibility - ESG

The only Italian bank listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and in the Corporate Knights - 2021 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World Index


Ranking first among European banks in three of the top ESG international assessments: MSCI, Sustainalytics and Bloomberg ESG Disclosure Score


Included in the Euronext - Borsa Italiana MIB ESG index since the latter’s launch in October 2021


Included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), recording for 2021 a score well above the average of the global financial sector and that of Italian companies


The only Italian bank included in the Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion Index, which selects the world’s top 100 listed companies in terms of diversity and inclusion


Committed to achieving a net-zero emissions target by 2050 - for the Group’s own emissions, its lending and investment portfolios, and asset management - and has joined the Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA) and, through the subsidiaries Eurizon Capital SGR, Fideuram Asset Management SGR and Fideuram Asset Management Ireland, the Net-Zero Asset Managers Initiative (NZAMI)

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