Isybank and Innovation between Banking and Fintech

Carlo Messina Intesa Sanpaolo CEO
Carlo Messina Intesa Sanpaolo CEO

On Thursday 15 June 2023, the ‘Intesa Sanpaolo, new isybank and the challenges of innovation between Banking and Fintech’ event was held.

Two series of talks on innovation in the banking sector were given on stage, coordinated by Enrico Pagliarini, Radio24 Journalist. The first one, on ‘Intesa Sanpaolo’s digital development’, involved Stefano Barrese, Head of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Banca dei Territori Division, Paola Papanicolaou, Intesa Sanpaolo’s Head of Transformation, and Tara Brady, President of Google Cloud for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The second panel explored ‘Intesa Sanpaolo’s service model: the value of people and technology’, with talks by Virginia Borla, Intesa Sanpaolo’s Head of Business Governance Banca dei Territori, Massimo Proverbio, Intesa Sanpaolo’s Chief Data, AI, Innovation, and Technology Officer, and Paul Taylor, Founder & CEO of Thought Machine.

Antonio Valitutti, CEO of isybank, then presented the Group’s new digital bank. Last talks were given by Esma Çakir, President of the Foreign Press Association in Italy, interviewed by Carlo Messina, Managing Director and CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo, on the digital strategy of the 2022-2025 Business Plan and some macroeconomic issues.

Watch the event again (video in italian only)

In this video, Antonio Valitutti presents a demo of the isybank app to describe its features.