Sexual orientation and gender identity

Sexual orientation

Joining Parks – Free and Equal

Intesa Sanpaolo is partner of Parks – Liberi e Uguali (Parks – Free and Equals), an association that, working closely with its network of companies, aims to help companies to promote their policy on inclusion, with a particular focus on affective orientation and gender identity in the workplace.

With this collaboration, Intesa Sanpaolo aims to set itself as an agent of a positive cultural change for the entire population of the Group, as well as as a reference to society, promoting the inclusion and respect of all LGBTQ+ people.

Strong attention is also given to people who are embarking on a path of gender affirmation and who may require appropriate accompaniment in order to experience such an important moment of self-determination with serenity in the work context.

It is precisely with this in mind that the Group has created a corporate process to support the social transition of people who request it and provides for moments of awareness for the work groups of people in transition.

ISPROUD, the Intesa Sanpaolo LGBTQ+ community

Generic image of ISPROUD

"To contribute to the development of a working environment where people can feel free to express themselves and their potential, supporting the values ​​expressed in Intesa Sanpaolo’s Principles of Diversity & Inclusion and in the Code of Ethics, highlighting the centrality of LGBTQ+ issues and their impact in the ESG, Environmental, Social and Governance dimensions".

This is the mission of ISPROUD, the community of LGBTQ+ people (or ERG - Employee Resource Group or affinity group) born spontaneously in March 2021 and grown thanks to word of mouth. Today it is a reality made up of people, both in Italy and abroad, who have met monthly since June of last year to discuss, share ideas and experiences to be translated into concrete proposals to be submitted to the company.

The community involved more than 1,300 people in Italy and abroad who meet periodically to discuss, share ideas and experiences to be translated into tangible project ideas to propose to the company. ISPROUD collaborated with the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Structure and with the rest of the Group on a number of initiatives, providing its contribution for the planning of internal an d external contents, the organisation of events and the launch of new projects. Intesa Sanpaolo received the “best improvement” award and the “best ally” award, given to the Chief Financial Officer, at the Parks LGBT+ Diversity Index 2023.

Gender Transition Support Pathway

The choice to undertake the gender affirmation journey is an important moment of self-determination that can be achieved at any stage of life. It is a path in which the support of the family, social and friendship relationships and those of the professional sphere are fundamental in order to be lived in maximum serenity. Intesa Sanpaolo is committed to ensuring that inclusion is always the fundamental principle of coexistence in the company. For this purpose, a process has been outlined to support transgender people with actions and initiatives aimed at best supporting each social transition path, providing for example the possibility of presenting oneself in the workplace with the chosen name, both in relationships and in communication tools, as well as aiming to find the most appropriate solutions to the needs expressed. The same attention is also paid to the work teams, to the figures of responsibility, to customers and commercial partners, through moments of information and awareness on the subject, with the collaboration of Parks – Liberi e Uguali, aimed at offering useful tools for understanding and deal with a situation that is probably new in many respects.

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