Supporting the youngest generations

Projects for younger generations

Webecome, inclusive Educational Project for Children

Webecome, proposals of models and educational actions to face childhood discomfort

We believe that the role of a bank is to generate value for the country. To do this, we think it’s vital that we start with culture, society and education. The Webecome project is part of Intesa Sanpaolo’s commitment to the inclusive education of young people and children.

The new difficulties of childhood

We live in a rapidly changing world, where entirely new phenomena are having a profound impact on society that would have been unimaginable just a few short years ago. New social issues and new forms of pre-existing social issues are emerging and affecting the youngest in our society – phenomena such as marginalization, discrimination, addiction, bullying, and cyberbullying. Given that some of these are very recent, there is as yet little awareness. However, the gravity of the harm they cause the children of today and the extent to which they condition the adults of tomorrow cannot be underestimated.

Educational programme designed for children and aimed at education  

It is designed with primary school children in mind but is targeted at educational institutions and their surrounding communities, i.e. teachers, school directors, parents, and indeed anybody interested in the intervention and prevention of these dynamics that contribute to the fragility of young children. The aim is to equip this community with the ideas and tools necessary to prevent and tackle social issues affecting young people. At the same time, the project hopes to show families and schools the benefits of working together to overcome these problems.

A unique educational initiative

  • plural - offers perspectives from various fields of research and scopes of application to understand and fight the issues currently at hand
  • positive - aims to prevent and fight social issues via experiences that promote and encourage constructive relationships within the class and between children and adults
  • open - invites teachers to personalise experiences and content based on the needs of their class and to share advice and best practices in order to create a shared, valuable network
  • collaborative - set up and operate on the basis of an ongoing process of listening involving teachers, experts, parents and school directors to create a tool for dialogue and stable interchange between the various players in the education community, with the interests of children at heart
  • accessible - provides schools and families with a free online platform that is always available and can be accessed on a different of digital devices.

The alphabet of development

Adopting a positive approach, Webecome offers tools to help us understand and develop educational programmes targeted at children and created by a range of experts. There are eight themed programmes. Each programme includes video interviews with experts, child behaviour observations and resource monitoring, bibliographies and in-depth educational studies.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please write to info@webecome.it


Webecome in numbers


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narrative experiences

Z Lab, the project dedicated to Generation Z

Z Lab, the project that engages young people in a unique, innovative experience

The project dedicated to Generation Z
This path gives secondary school students the chance to experience the current job market and prepare for the future.
Working with tutors, the youngsters experience a programme based around five key principles:

  • CONTINUITY: accompanies secondary school students from their third year to their fifth year, in accordance with the number of hours legally required.
  • ORIENTATION: focuses on professional and soft skills, which enable young people to get a sense of direction within a constantly changing job market.
  • GROWTH: enables young people to discover careers and professions outside of the world of banking, thanks to content and activities which cover areas such as art direction, content management, and business planning
  • INNOVATION: offers an original experience based on collaboration between students and tutors, experience-led workshops, and project work
  • PREPARATION: nurtures critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity - key skills in tomorrow's world.

In the new digital format it maintains all its specificities and guarantees an easy, immediate and experiential interaction.  

Initiative created in collaboration with DC Development Policies and Learning Academy

Z Lab - the numbers of the new digital path

over 1,500 students involved

over 4,000 hours, 25 tutors and experts

over 70 schools in 22 Italian cities

Other projects School

Savings Education and Culture of Protection

The Museum of Saving, multimedia lab for students of all ages

The Museum of Saving, a financial education project

The Museum of Saving was founded in 2012 by Intesa Sanpaolo, as a unique and innovative multimedia laboratory for the economic-financial education of young people and adults, with the ambition of not being boring and improving the average level of financial literacy in Italy, still relegated to the last-ranked positions. 

Through the internet, newspapers and television, economics and finance have entered everyday life. Spread, inflation, interest rate are common terms, but not yet fully assimilated. Most people still encounter difficulties in managing their own money, often and above all due to a lack of basic financial skills.

The Museum of Saving represents an innovative space to approach the basic concepts of saving and investment in a clear and entertaining way, with an extensive use of technology and interactivity. For schools, the Museum provides a varied educational offer: guided tours and workshops designed for students of all ages, as well as special projects developed in partnership with institutions and research bodies.

For adults, the Museum organizes monthly events, exhibitions, book presentations, seminars and guided tours.

The Museum of Saving, main initiatives for students

Money Learning (MOLE), is an initiative aimed at spreading financial education in primary and secondary schools in Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy and Valle d'Aosta, developed with the support of the European Investment Bank and Fondazione per la Scuola della Compagnia di Sanpaolo.
For more information http://www.museodelrisparmio.it/money-learning/

Fuoriclasse della Scuola, is a project dedicated to the valorization of the best Italian secondary school students, winner of the School Olympics annually organized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. In collaboration with Italian Banking Association, FEDUF and Confindustria.
For more information http://www.fuoriclassedellascuola.it/

SAVE (Sustainability, Action, Travel, Experience),  is an itinerant project for primary, middle and high schools, which includes multimedia paths and educational workshops dedicated to economic-financial education and environmental sustainability.
For more information  www.savetour.it

Area X, to develop the Culture of Protection

Area X, protection takes its space

Area X is an innovative space open to the public, conceived by Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura as a place where technology and the world of protection come together to spread awareness on the subject. State-of-the-art equipment in the field of virtual reality - in an exciting and entertaining way - allows people to experience exploration, driving and living simulations, together with narratives that help increase the culture of protection. 
It is a space designed to create awareness and develop in young people the ability to relate to the risks inherent in living, preparing them to cope rationally in order to become conscious citizens in their behaviour and choices. 
Visitors are accompanied to explore the concept of risk, to understand its implications and consequences and thus to develop necessary prevention and protection strategies.


The main initiatives aimed at citizenship

Mauro Berruto in Area X: three stories on experience, protection and future
A triptych of stories in live streaming to learn from experience, build one's future, protect oneself and protect, more

MITO for the city in Area X
Three events in which music and protection play to the same rhythm, more