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Projects for the younger generation

Webecome, the project for the inclusive education of children

Webecome, proposals for models and educational actions to deal with childhood distress

We believe that the role of a bank is to generate value for the country and to do so it is essential to start from culture, society and education. With the Webecome project, Intesa Sanpaolo stands alongside the educating community to contribute to the educational inclusion of children and teenagers.

The new childhood hardships
Webecome is an educational proposal at the service of schools and families, for the younger generations We live in a world in rapid transformation where ever new and different phenomena have a deep and unimaginable impact on the social scenario. New forms of discomfort are spreading more and more among the little ones: marginalization, discrimination, addictions, bullying and cyberbullying, the latter even more on the rise with the advent of digital. Some of these phenomena still suffer from a lack of awareness, but all should not be underestimated as they seriously damage today's children and affect what tomorrow's adult will be.

Webecome is an educational proposal at the service of schools and families, for the younger generations
It is designed for elementary school children but is aimed at the entire educational community, i.e. teachers, school principals, parents and all those who care about prevention and intervention on the phenomena of discomfort and fragility of pupils in the first school age. In fact, it suggests to teachers and parents’ ideas and tools for the prevention and contrast of juvenile distress phenomena. In addition, it makes evident to the family and the school the advantage of collaborating as co-protagonists to win this challenge.

A unique educational proposal
Because it's:

  • plural - many points of view from different fields of research and application to understand the issues of the discomfort of our present and to counter them
  • positive - it proposes to prevent and contrast phenomena of discomfort through experiences that promote and spread constructive relationships in the class group and between children and adults
  • open - invites teachers to personalize experiences and content based on the needs of their class and to share advice and best practices to build together a network of exchange and value
  • collaborative - born and nourished by continuous listening with teachers, experts, parents and school managers to become a stable tool for dialogue and sharing between the various actors of the educating community, in the interest of girls and boys
  • accessible - provides schools and families with a free online platform, which is always available and can be consulted on various digital devices.

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For questions and further information write to info@webecome.it


Webecome in numbers

Video interviews with experts, in-depth videos, bibliographies and infographics to orient and understand the different phenomena of social distress. Content and tips for designing engaging experiences to be lived together with the class group. Tools for sharing and recounting activities carried out together with children. All available to teachers, parents and school leaders.


hours of content


including videos, factsheets, in-depth papers, stories and testimonials


narrative experiences

Z Lab, the project dedicated to the Z Generation

Z Lab, the project that accompanies young people in a unique experience

The project dedicated to Generation Z
It is a path in which students from the third to the fifth year of high schools and technical institutes experience the work of today and prepare for the future. Together with the tutors, the students live an experience based on 5 pillars:

  • CONTINUITY: accompanies students along the path and for the entire number of hours required by current law
  • ORIENTATION: it helps to guide children towards their future school and professional choices, ranging through professions and skills, from content management to art direction to business planning.
  • GROWTH: it helps young people to live professional and social experiences designed to develop fundamental transversal skills such as collaboration, creativity, problem solving, public speaking
  • INNOVATION: uses many formats that allow you to combine professionalism and fun
  • PREPARATION: trains the boys and girls of the Z generation on the skills necessary to be protagonists of the world of tomorrow

In the new digital format, it guarantees easy, immediate and experiential interaction.

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Initiative realized in collaboration with DC Development Policies and Learning Academy, to learn more write here

Z Lab - the numbers of the new digital path

over 3,500 students involved

over 180 laboratory, 25 tutors

over 120 schools in 25 Italian cities

Other projects School

Savings Education and Culture of Protection

The Museum of Saving, multimedia lab for students of all ages

The Museo del Risparmio, a financial literacy project

The Museo del Risparmio was founded in 2012 as a unique and innovative multimedia laboratory for the economic and financial education of young people and adults. It has the ambition to help spread basic financial knowledge.

Through the internet, newspapers and television, the economy and finance have now entered everyday life. Spread, inflation, interest rate are now common terms, but still not fully assimilated. Not to mention the difficulties that many people still encounter today in managing their money, often and above all due to a lack of basic financial skills.

The Museo del Risparmio is a new space where it is possible to approach the first concepts of savings and investment in a clear and funny way. All thanks to the help of technology and interactivity. The Museum offers schools a varied educational offer consisting of courses and workshops designed for students of all ages, as well as special projects developed in partnership with research institutions.

For adults, the Museum organizes events, exhibitions, book presentations, seminars and guided tours.

Area X - the space to develop the Culture of Protection

Area X, the protection takes its space

Area X is a space conceived by Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura, as an innovative place open to the public where technology and the world of protection come together to spread greater awareness on the subject.

It is a space where especially young people can develop, while having fun, an awareness of the risks present in daily life by training themselves to deal with them carefully and making reasoned choices.
In Area X, visitors are accompanied in the exploration of the concept of risk: understanding the implications and consequences of the choices made in terms of protection, allows, in fact, to develop the necessary prevention strategies.

In an exciting and funny way, state-of-the-art equipment that uses virtual reality allows visitors to experience exploration, driving and housing simulations, accompanied by an engaging storytelling that helps to increase the culture of protection.