School4Life, the program to combat school dropout

Scholl4Life has been launched, the project designed to combat early school leaving that sees companies and schools allied and alongside students, teachers and families.

The project

School4Life is a project promoted by ELIS in collaboration with 11 large companies which provides guidance activities aimed at young people at risk of abandonment and initiatives to support families and teachers.                                                               

School4Life will involve a total of 15,000 students across the country, with particular attention to the Regions of Sardinia, Campania, Sicily, Lombardy and Liguria where, according to data from the Ministry of Education, the phenomenon is more widespread.                                                                                                                
ELIS is a non-profit training organization and a consortium strongly committed to initiatives that promote collaboration between schools and businesses.                    
Intesa Sanpaolo also adheres to School4Life, in continuity with its commitment to help generate in young people the necessary awareness to choose the right training path.

Orientation to combat early school leaving

Globalization and digital evolution increasingly make education directly related to the risk of unemployment. However, it is known that in our country the problem of premature abandonment of education and training occurs in an accentuated form: in fact, it stands at 13.1% of the total school population, as noted by the Istat Report on Education Levels. 2021, well beyond the 10% threshold set by Brussels with the Europe 2020 strategy.
From the 2019 OECD Report it also emerges that the unemployed with secondary school graduation are twice as many as high school graduates and almost four times as many as graduates, and that early school leaving before graduation contributes about 35% to the phenomenon of "neets", people between 20 and the 24-year-olds who are not studying, not working, or looking for a job.

A scenario that makes it clear that the Italian school, starting from secondary school, must provide students with ideas and elements to guide them in their subsequent choices.

Intesa Sanpaolo's training proposal

The scenario pushed us to become an active part by focusing on secondary school.                                                                                                                          
In collaboration with ELIS, we will bring our School4Life training program to 14 secondary schools, making use of the Group's corporate expertise and enhancing the teaching and pedagogical skills of colleagues from Museo del Risparmio and Learning Academy.
Didactic activities and orientation meetings will alternate with the creation of creativity marathons (creathon) and moments of confrontation and learning on an experiential basis. The teachers and parents who accompany the children on their school path will also be involved in training programs and dedicated webinars and will have the “Noi Restiamo” listening and support desk available, designed to identify and recover situations at risk. The program also promotes the approach of the female student population to STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), with the idea that these skills are able to determine, more and more in the future, their job opportunities.

The pandemic emergency has brought the school back "to the center of civil life", giving it back its social visibility and triggering an evolutionary process that requires efforts and strategic innovations. It is becoming increasingly clear that investment in education and training is an indispensable asset to ensure full social and economic citizenship for young people.                                                                                         
And it is for this reason that joining School4Life makes concrete our desire to give young people tools and ideas to guide them with ever greater awareness in the choice of their future.


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