Covid Actions

Covid-19 is rewriting the history of this time and Intesa Sanpaolo is in the front line to counteract its effects. The health emergency is causing an impact on the economic and social system that has never been seen since the Second World War. For this reason, Intesa Sanpaolo's social commitment is now strongly characterized by impact interventions in the context determined by Covid-19. What we are asked is not only to be the engine of sustainable and inclusive growth, but above all to do our part for the maintenance of the system.  We are at the side of the country that starts again, to guarantee everyone not to be left behind.

Brescia hospital donation brings Civil Protection allocation to €85 million

Intesa Sanpaolo and Protezione Civile: donation of €5 million to Brescia’s Spedali Civili Hospital

€5 million donation to the Spedali Civili di Brescia and new initiatives with the Municipality and Diocese to support the city’s rebirth

Eurizon donates €100,000 to Lombardy hospitals

Eurizon donates €100,000 to Lombardy hospitals

Intesa Sanpaolo’s asset management arm in support of Milan’s Sacco and Bergamo’s Pope John XXIII hospitals


Donation to Civil Protection: €80 million for urgent COVID actions

Intesa Sanpaolo and Civil Protection €80 million for urgent COVID actions

The € 100 million donation has already turned into real support for the Covid-19 emergency

A support for the field hospital in Bergamo

Intesa Sanpaolo and National Association of Alpini Onlus for the field hospital

With National Association of the Alpini Onlus for the construction of the field hospital

Donation of €100 million to Italian Civil Protection for Coronavirus emergency

Intesa Sanpaolo and Civil Protection donation €100 million

Intesa Sanpaolo’s direct support aims to strengthen the National Healthcare System’s response to today’s emergency